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Driving laws are created to keep everyone safe. But no one is perfect and as they say, “Some rules are meant to be broken.” But what driving laws do Americans break the most? From common mistakes to completely dangerous, these five driving laws are ignored the most.

1. Speeding and illegal maneuvers

The Governors Highway Safety Association finds that speeding drivers are responsible for around one-third of roadside fatalities, according to Car News Cafe. While speeding seems like the most dangerous thing to do on the road, most drivers admit to exceeding the speed limit at some point. Unsurprisingly, more tickets are issued for speeding than any other violation.

Many drivers also partake in illegal maneuvers on the road, sometimes without even knowing it. You may be rushed, inexperienced, or simply not paying attention, but ignoring stop signs, declining to yield, and making illegal u-turns will surely get you a ticket.

2. Driving without the proper documentation

Some people don’t even realize you can get in trouble for not having the proper documentation while driving. Others simply do not care. Either way, nearly 4% of tickets account for problems with documentation, reports Axle Addict.

As one of the most commonly broken driving laws, cops hand out tickets every year for expired, revoked, or suspended licenses, as well as invalid registrations, lack of insurance, and simply not having their license with them.

3. Distracted driving

Driving distracted is one of the most commonly broken laws but also one of the least ticketed. Most drivers are distracted in some way every day. But if a cop catches, you can face heavy fines. This can be especially true with texting or using your phone, which is now illegal in most states.

According to Axle Addict, the odds of crashing or getting into an accident are “23 times higher for distracted drivers.” Distracted driving is more common in young drivers, with over 60% admitting to texting or talking while driving. But distracted driving isn’t limited to phone use.

Drivers can also receive tickets for being distracted while eating or drinking, listening to music too loudly, looking at themselves in the mirror, reaching for things in the car, and more.

4. Improper child seats or restraints

Though rules may differ, most states have seatbelt laws. This means passengers in both the front and rear must be properly restrained or you’re breaking the law. But many drivers ignore these laws. Not only does the driver risk getting a ticket for any unrestrained passengers, but it’s also very dangerous to ride without a seatbelt. According to Business Insider, laws can differ by state in regards to age minimums and front/back seat requirements.

In recent decades, the law has cracked down on keeping children safe. Many people get tickets for improper child restraint systems every year. Car seats and booster seats are specifically designed to protect a child in the event of a crash.

5. Driving under the influence

According to the NHTSA, almost 30 people die every day in the U.S. from crashes related to impaired driving. This makes driving under the influence one of the most commonly broken traffic laws in the country. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, driving under any influence is extremely dangerous.

In recent decades, law enforcement has cracked down on impaired driving, with a variety of harsh punishments like license revocation, expensive fines, and jail time. So if you’re thinking of driving under the influence, think again.