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Whether for speeding or parking, a citation is an expensive hassle. Some car brands are ticketed more than others. In other cases, police catch drivers breaking the law because they’re skilled at hiding in plain sight.

For example, several decades ago, sedans were more popular on American roadways. Many cops drove cars like the Crown Victoria to blend in better with traffic. Today, we see more officers driving trucks and SUVs in order to look similar to other cars on the road.

The bottom line is drivers need to watch their speed and obey traffic laws. However, some bizarre parking and driving rules don’t make much sense. Here are a few of the weird driving laws in some U.S. states that may border on being illegal.


In the Land of Opportunity, lawmakers do not allow drivers to use a vehicle’s horn when it’s near or parked at a drive-thru restaurant. According to the state statute, drivers are not allowed “to blow or cause to be blown any automobile horn” while in the parking lot or nearby.

This law doesn’t make much sense since the primary purpose of a car horn is for safety reasons, and there is usually plenty of pedestrian traffic in a parking lot. It’s better to let drivers give a warning to people when necessary to avoid an accident or potential injury.


White hotel gown
If you’re driving in California, beware of bathrobes. | Milkare/Getty Images

Apparently, the fashion police are allowed to pull over women who are driving while wearing a bathrobe in the state of California. But there are no laws against men driving shirtless, so is it really worse for women to be driving while wearing a robe? This regulation seems discriminatory.


In the Centennial State, it’s against the law to drive in a certain area when going the same direction in a three-hour timeframe during business hours. From parents to delivery vehicles, thousands of people break this rule every day. Even police on patrol are guilty of this crime.


In this part of the Pacific Northwest, a strange statute exists regarding how one opens a car door and how long it’s left open. The first part of the legislation makes sense as it disallows opening the door if it is a hazard to other vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians.

However, the second part makes it a finable offense to leave it open “longer than to load or unload passengers.” There’s no mention of other reasons why motorists may leave the door open, like cleaning a vehicle or unloading cargo.

New Jersey

The Garden State sells a number of specialty and vanity plates in order to raise money for environmental causes. Unfortunately, these funds are on the decline.

Those convicted of vehicular manslaughter or driving under the influence, as well as people with suspended or revoked licenses, aren’t eligible to purchase a personalized plate. This can take away funds that could go toward a worthy cause.

Honorable mention: South Berwick, Maine

Residents of this small town in Maine are not allowed to park within 25 feet of a certain Dunkin’ Donuts shop. It’s almost impossible for one not to make the obvious cop-and-donut reference.