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Packages are nice because you can get more of what you want without having to jump up a trim level. It’s the difference between spending a few hundred dollars and thousands. Not all packages are worth it, however, and here’s one Dodge Hornet GT Plus package you shouldn’t waste your money on.

GT Blacktop Package for the Dodge Hornet

The Dodge Hornet offers two trims. These are the GT and GT Plus. Each offers only two available packages, which are the GT Blacktop Package and the tech package. 

The 2023 Dodge Hornet GT Blacktop Package costs $1,995. For this price, you’ll get the Dark “GT” Badge, Dark “Hornet” Badge, Gloss-Black Painted Side Window Moldings, Gloss-Black Painted Mirror-Caps, and the 18-inch x 7.5-Inch Abyss Finish Aluminum Wheels.

None of this really adds anything to the driving experience and is mainly cosmetic. This stands in stark contrast to the other package that Dodge offers.

The 2023 Dodge Hornet Tech Package offers plenty of upgrades

The Tech Package offers a lot more features for only $2,245, and they’re actually useful. These include Active Driving Assist System, Drowsy Driver Detection, Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA), ParkSense® Front/Rear/Side Park Assist, and a Surround-View Camera System.

The Drowsy Driver Detection is able to determine if the driver is getting sleepy, according to Dodge. It will then use visual and audio cues to recommend that the driver pull over. The Drowsy Driver Detection also activates if the driver has been on the road for prolonged periods of time.

Active Driving Assist works by using sensors and radar to maintain a set speed. In other words, it’s like cruise control with an interesting new name. 

This works well with the Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA). For those who never really know what the speed limit is, the ISA uses traffic sign recognition to keep track of the signs and adjusts the car to the correct speed. While you should always be aware of the speed limit for yourself, as even the most reliable of tech will eventually fail, the ISA could help prevent you from getting a ticket.

The Surround-View Camera System does exactly what it sounds like. It gives you a solid view of everything around your vehicle, and could potentially spare you from a wreck. Once again, you need to continue to use good driving etiquette by looking for yourself before driving.

The ParkSense® Front/Rear/Side Park Assist is probably the most interesting part of the Tech Package. It assists drivers when parking their Hornet by controlling the steering. While the driver still maintains control over the vehicle, the ParkSense will offer helpful prompts regarding which gears to use, as well as when to brake and push the gas.

For those who live in cities where parallel parking is a daily part of life, this could make things much more simple and stress-free.

Which package is worth it?

The tech package is a solid investment. It gives you some stellar safety features that make the driving experience easier. 

It’s also affordable. If you add this to your Dodge Hornet GT Plus, it increases the price to $39,575. That’s a good deal for all that you get.

The GT Blacktop Package, on the other hand, doesn’t really offer you all that much. While it’s true that the cosmetic updates give the Hornet a few interesting points, it’s really not worth the money. A few badges and darker wheels do not justify nearly $2,000 in extra charges.

Overall, the 2023 Dodge Hornet is getting solid reviews and lots of praise from critics. It remains to be seen if shoppers will embrace the Hornet, but if you’re interested in one, don’t be swayed into buying the GT Blacktop Package.


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