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Jet Skis are about maximum fun. With their agile handling and quick acceleration, they’re like riding a four-wheeler on water. On the other end of the spectrum, pontoon boats provide a stable platform for long days on the lake. Whether fishing, partying, or cruising, a pontoon setup gives a predictable, smooth ride.

What if you combined the two? With the Switch, SeaDoo’s done just that. Combing the jet propulsion of a Jet Ski with the rock-solid stability of a pontoon boat, the Switch can do almost anything. But not everyone likes the design.

SeaDoo Switch: specs, features, pricing

The new SeaDoo Switch defies categorization. From a distance, it looks like a conventional pontoon boat. But on closer inspection, it’s anything but.

Typically, a pontoon boat uses a small outboard motor for slow cruising. Not the Switch. Underneath the deck is a powerful engine and pump-jet drive system. That means off-the-line thrills and direction changes more Jet Ski than party boat. And that’s not all.

Instead of dual pontoons, the Switch uses a tri-hull setup. That smooths out chop and tracks straight, for a comfortable, stable ride.

The SeaDoo Switch has a configurable deck for groups of all shapes and sizes. Owners can move seats, platforms, and tables to their preferred position, for a tailor-made experience. Plus, a canopy top offers shade on long days.

Piloting the Switch is sort of like riding a motorcycle with an innovative handlebar setup handling steering duties. That’s just plain fun.

And with its $21,799 MSRP, the Switch is an affordable option. With many boats carrying high price tags, purchasing one can be out of reach. But the SeaDoo Switch lets everyone get on the water.

But not everybody likes this innovative watercraft.

Why some people don’t like the SeaDoo Switch

With its futuristic appearance and features, the Switch was bound to face criticism. And some have a problem with its design.

Wave to Wave found the Switch’s looks off-putting and cheap. They also felt pontoons offered a poor platform for performance-oriented boating. And they predicted poor resale value.

For traditional boaters, the SeaDoo Switch may not be what they’re looking for. By combining the looks of a boat and a Jet Ski, the Switch has styling that some find unappealing. And frankly, that’s alright because the Switch wasn’t made for “real” boaters anyway.

A refreshing design on the water

When it comes down to it, boating is about maximum fun. Being with friends and family, enjoying the sun and water, and feeling different sensations can make for a memorable time. And the SeaDoo Switch is an ideal vehicle for all of that.

Pontoon boats are like floating party decks, with plenty of room for people, gear, and food. The Switch has space to spare.

Yet, with their leisurely ride, pontoon boats aren’t a lot of fun. But the SeaDoo Switch changes that with its Jet Ski demeanor. Now, groups can experience socializing and thrills at the same time, for an experience like nothing else.

SeaDoo took a chance with the Switch and, in doing so, produced an inventive watercraft. Neither boat nor Jet Ski, the Switch delivers amusement for all. Its reasonable starting price makes it attainable for many, and its configurable deck adjusts to any occasion. For those who want a good time on the water, the SeaDoo Switch is an easy pick.


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