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Here’s a story that hit me in the feels: A family in San Diego lost their beloved terrier mix, Mishka. On a July day Mahrad Houman had taken the cream-colored little pup to to work with him. But she wandered away from his auto shop and, try as he might, he couldn’t find her.

The family must have searched high and low. But as the days turned to weeks, I’m sure they Mehrad and his family began to lose hope. They had, after all, written their phone number on her collar. If Mishka was still alive, you’d think someone would call.

Then Elizabeth Houman received the most incredible phone call. Mishka was alive and well. Mahrad’s wife was ecstatic. She put the phone down and screamed with joy. Then she learned something incredible: Mishka was in Gross Pointe, a town just north of Detroit, Michigan.

Terrier dog sitting on the sand.
Terrier dog | Dieny Portinanni via Unsplash

The Houmans were flying to nearby Minnesota to visit family for Easter anyway. So when he arrived in Minnesota, Mahrad hopped in a car and drove 10 hours each way to pick up Mishka.

That is an awfully long drive. But I’m sure as soon as Elizabeth and their daughter ran towards the car to greet Mishka, every mile of the drive felt worth it. Authorities are not sure what happened, but expect Mishka was stolen and transported to Michigan. That 2,000-mile trek seems an unlikely journey for such a little dog. But her return home feels equally miraculous.

Next, learn about the border collie lost in a car crash who turned up on a nearby farm to herd sheep, or see Mishka and her family reunited in the video below:

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