Does the GMC Canyon Have Android Auto?

The 2020 GMC Canyon has a lot of great technology including Android Auto as a standard feature. Knowing the importance of staying connected on the road, GMC introduced Android Auto in it 2016 models. Integrated into Canyon’s infotainment system, Android Auto offers hands-free capability for safety and great convenience.

Android Auto

Android Auto utilizes the Google suite of services like Google Maps, Google Now, and more. It’s also compatible with many of your favorite apps like Spotify, Whatsapp, Messenger, iHeartRadio, several podcast players, and many more. 

GMC Canyon’s infotainment system integrates with Android Auto to allow you to use the features of your smartphone with the safe, physical controls of your truck. You get a Google-Now type interface on Canyon’s infotainment display via USB. It doesn’t show your phone’s display on Canyon’s touchscreen. Keep in mind your Canyon’s touchscreen and all your other controls remain in effect even when using Android Auto.

What you see on the screen isn’t distracting for safety reasons. A simpler version of Google Now, it gives you the ability to dictate messages to contacts, use Google Maps, make calls, and play your phone’s stored playlists. Most notifications stay in the background. Calls and messages come through with messages read by Google Assistant as opposed to appearing on the screen to distract you from safe driving.

Audio from your phone is sent to your car’s speakers using USB. The sound quality is better than audio streaming with Bluetooth. Calls are handled hands-free via Bluetooth technology.

How do you control Android Auto?

There are three ways to control your Android Auto functionality with your phone safely tucked away.

Physical controls. Android Auto works just fine with the controls in the GMC Canyon whether it’s dash buttons, steering wheel buttons, dials, or a touchscreen. You can activate the voice command feature to operate in a way that keeps your attention safely on the road.

Touchscreen. It’s okay to use the touchscreen when you’re in park and it’s before or after the drive you’re getting ready to take. Still, it’s set up to be simple so you can quickly reach over to tap what you want when you’re at a safe stop. The interface is easy to use and learn.

Voice commands. Safely go hands-free with Google’s voice commands. All you have to do is tap the microphone icon in the upper right corner and you can get directions, make calls, reply to text messages, and play music. You can even get general information from Google while you’re on the road.

Connectivity and infotainment in GMC’s Canyon

The Canyon offers an infotainment system that’s both attractive and user-friendly. Android Auto along with Apple CarPlay come standard. Rubberized knobs are available to use for tuning and volume along with hard buttons for quick functionality. There’s a premium Bose audio system that comes standard too with the new GMC Canyon for quality sound in your truck.

The SLE models and higher trim levels provide an 8.0-inch touchscreen that features a 4G LTE mobile hotspot. There are USB ports up front and with the upper trim levels, you get two rear-seat ports that charge only. There’s also a 12V charging outlet.

The 2020 GMC Canyon provides an HD rearview camera that offers a behind-the-vehicle view. The view displays as a high-resolution image on the infotainment screen. A trailering assist with guidelines is included with Tow/Haul mode. There are alerts for filling tires and rear seating. The latter alerts activate when a second-row door closes or opens before or during a drive. Under specific conditions, once the Canyon is off, five chimes and a Driver Information Center message remind you to check the second-row seating area.