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Did you know that a Tesla Cybertruck crash test took place? A preproduction model was slammed into a wall while carrying four crash test dummies. We should say dolls because they could actually be smart. Anyway, the takeaways we’re supposed to gather from the Tesla Cybertruck crash results are unclear. 

Is the Tesla Cybertruck crash test legit?

The Telsa Cybertruck crash test took place in-house, and it hasn’t been officially tested by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA) or the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). 

Tesla Cybertruck safety might not be tested in 2024 because the production-ready model isn’t available yet. Also, it could be too heavy to test. Vehicles with a high gross vehicle weight rating are subjected to different levels of testing. 

It’s unclear if the Cybertruck qualifies as a light-duty truck. Also, manufacturers often test heavier trucks, so in-house testing might make sense. 

But the Tesla pickup truck was slammed into a wall, which is a nice start. However, videos don’t actually ever show the impact. Fox News reported videos that show multiple different angles of the truck accelerating toward the wall, but they cut off right before the moment of impact. 

Some of the shots show the structure and frame of the truck, which is helpful, but the Cybertruck safety rating will be unclear until official organizations can administer crash tests. Hopefully, the official Cybertruck specs will be released soon. 

The safest pickup truck is the Riviran R1T, a significant win for electric vehicles. But it’s the only electric truck in the top three spots, and it weighs 7,148 lbs. Larger and heavier vehicles typically receive lower scores. 

Tesla Cybertruck estimated range and pricing

The Tesla Cybertruck crash test feels premature because we’re still missing tons of info. For example, we don’t have an estimated Cybertruck price and haven’t heard about its range estimates in years. 

Back in 2019, the Cybertruck cost was projected to start at $39,000, but things have changed since then. Reportedly, some rumors suggest that the base model will start at $60,000. 

The Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevy Silverado EV have both rapidly climbed in price due to the pandemic, supply chain issues, limited resources, and inflation. 

It will probably have a higher starting price. Also, the entry-level model is expected to have a range of 250 miles. The Telsa truck with dual motors aims for a 300-plus mile range, and the top-spec option could have over 500 miles of range. 

Will the Tesla truck ever be available? 

The Tesla Cybertruck on parked on an emptry road
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

Things are finally on track for Cybertruck production. The Tesla Cybertruck crash test is a good sign that the truck is about to roll out. Every day it inches closer to hitting the streets after years of Tesla truck delays

Production videos of the Tesla pickup truck were recently released, so it is officially being built. The first delivery could be made by the end of the year as production ramps up. Tesla aims to complete 375,000 models annually. 

Elon Musk bragged about driving the truck around Austin, Texas, so there are functioning examples out there. However, the truck isn’t officially rated for safety, we don’t have the pricing, and most of its specs remain a mystery. 

While the Tesla Cybertruck crash test feels like a tease, it’s a good sign. We didn’t get to see the truck get smashed against a wall, but now we know that it’s finally moving toward the finish line as production ramps up.