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It’s no secret that the Tesla Cybertruck has a unique look. But things are getting a bit weirder. Spy shots revealed a few tweaks and visual changes on a Tesla Cybertruck prototype, including a massive windshield wiper. 

The Tesla Cycbertruck features visual changes 

Tesla Cybertruck preproduction model
Tesla Cybertruck preproduction model

When a YouTube user was flying a drone over the Tesla facility, they caught excellent footage of a Telsa Cybertruck prototype being tested. Electrek also shared the 10-minute footage of the truck being tested. 

One of the most noticeable updates includes the addition of a massive windshield wiper arm. It’s so long that Godzilla could use it as a comb. Who knows how much power is needed to get it to wipe across the entire windshield. 

We know this is just a prototype, but it looks close to the show model, and the wiper sticks out in a strange manner. It pops up while the rest of the Cybertruck is almost seamless aside from blue tape holding the bumper together. 

Is this massive wiper for the production Cybertruck? 

Upon closer inspection, the windshield wiper on the Tesla Cybertruck consists of two blades. This will make replacing the wiper a bit easier. It could be part of the electromagnetic wiper system. 

However, the wiper system features a single blade instead of two. The Cybertruck is the first Tesla vehicle that’s expected to feature the technology, so the two-blade system could be a placeholder. 

Elon Musk wants something different, such as a deployable wiper that stows in the front trunk. For Elon, the wiper is the feature that has been troubling him the most, which is an odd thing to obsess over. But Tesla typically finds a way to make things perfect. 

Apparently, there isn’t an easy solution for the wiper, and what about the lasers? There was a successful patent for laser windshield wipers on the Tesla Cybertruck, and we’ve been waiting for them to arrive. 

Lasers could clean vehicles with beam optics assembly that emits a laser beam to irradiate a region on a glass article. So, does the laser erode the glass? What happens if the laser gets into someone’s eyes? Will the laser beams clear water away? 

What else is new for the Cybertruck? 

A silver Tesla truck is parked with its lights on.
A silver Tesla truck is parked with its lights on | Tesla, Inc.

Aside from struggling to combat awkward windshield wiper problems, the Tesla Cybertruck was spotted with massive side mirrors. Tesla wanted side cameras to feed the screens inside the truck, but that’s against regulations. The mirrors should be removable and easily customizable, like the Jeep Wrangler’s mirrors. 

It was strange to see the Cybertruck with an open bed. Typically it wears a large cover. Also, there are three new lights in the grille the provide a more aggressive look. The front and rear bumpers have been updated to most likely comply with regulations. 

There hasn’t been an update about the steering wheel in the rear. We will have to wait to learn more as the Tesla Cybertruck ramps up for production at the Gigafactory in Texas by the end of 2022. 

However, the massive windshield wiper and tape holding a prototype together make us a little nervous. The Cybertruck might need a little more work before entering production, and we really don’t want it to be delayed again.


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