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Buying a used car can save you thousands. And with no dealer supply issues to contend with, you can find the exact vehicle you’re after. But purchasing pre-owned isn’t always a perfect experience.

Used vehicles—no matter how described by the seller—can encounter mechanical issues or have hidden histories. And that can cost you money. That’s why buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) car is a good idea. 

To that end, Chevrolet offers CPO vehicles through CarBravo, giving used buyers peace of mind. Here are the details. 

Chevy uses CarBravo to handle its CPO cars

Many automakers have CPO programs where they inspect and certify used vehicles. CarBravo handles Chevy’s CPO process, offering buyers a range of benefits. And besides carrying Chevrolet, CarBravo sells other brands too. 

Programs like Ford’s Blue Advantage and Audi’s certified pre-owned programs have become the norm across the industry. Manufacturers put used vehicles through detailed inspections, ensuring their long-term reliability and helping customers save versus buying new. 

Manufacturer CPO programs typically include the following:

• Multi-point mechanical inspection

• Manufacturer-backed warranty

• At-home purchase and delivery (Ford Blue Advantage)

• 14-day, 1,000-mile money-back guarantee (Ford Blue Advantage)

• 24-hour roadside assistance for one year (Audi CPO)

CPO programs provide reassurance that a vehicle’s good to go for the road ahead. Compared to buying from a private party—where you can’t be sure of a car’s condition—that’s a big positive. 

CarBravo expands on that, using GM’s large dealer network while offering next-level convenience. And since it’s backed by General Motors, you know CarBravo’s a trustworthy outfit. 

CarBravo benefits consist of:

• Online shopping and at-home test drives

• Comprehensive inventory

• Standard limited warranty

• Multi-point inspection

• 4,000 service centers nationwide

What is CarBravo and can you trust it?

General Motors created CarBravo in early 2022, giving pre-owned buyers new levels of selection, reassurance, and support. Here’s how it works.

By tapping into General Motors’ vast dealer network, CarBravo offers a comprehensive selection of used vehicles. Consisting of GM and non-GM cars, each ride is inspected and reconditioned, giving customers peace of mind.

And who likes jumping in their car, driving to a dealer, and perusing the inventory? To that end, CarBravo lets people shop online, using GM’s digital retail platform (DRP). There, buyers can view 360-degree photos, vehicle history reports, and clear dealer pricing. 

CarBravo also includes standard warranty coverage on cars less than 10 years old, with fewer than 100,000 miles. In that case, buyers receive a 6-month, 6,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. 24-hour roadside assistance is also complimentary. 

The CarBravo website has the rest of the details. 

Pros and cons of opting for a CPO car

When purchasing a CPO car, it’s mostly positive with few negatives. In the end, you get a vehicle you can count on for the road ahead. Here are the pros and cons of buying a certified pre-owned car.


  • Thorough mechanical inspection
  • Warranty coverage
  • Online shopping
  • Roadside assistance
  • Wide selection


  • Cost a little more than non-CPO used vehicles
  • The warranty isn’t as robust as new cars

Buying a used car just makes sense, even more so with a CPO vehicle. Not only do you save thousands, but you get a reliable vehicle, mile after mile. GM’s CarBravo goes even further, utilizing the company’s vast dealer network and incomparable selection of used vehicles.

Add in online shopping, standard warranty coverage, and 24-hour roadside assistance, and CarBravo is the way to go when picking your next ride.


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