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Driving your car in the wintertime means that you have to prepare it for the harsh weather, especially if you park it outside. That usually means that it will need a good set of tires, a juiced-up battery, and an ice scraper and brush to get the snow off your car in the morning. And yes, we know that scraping the ice off your windshield can be a pain, so here are some handy solutions that you can find on

Oxgord windshield snow and ice cover

The Oxgord windshield snow and ice cover can provide the ultimate winter protection with its heavy-duty construction. The cover itself is made from 600D polyester and can protect your car’s windshield from snow, ice, sleet, slush, or almost anything else that Mother Nature can throw at it. Just be aware that it’s a “one size fits all” application and there are no magnets or suction cups to secure it to your car’s windshield. It actually uses side panels to tuck into the front doors instead.

Oxgord windshield cover
Oxgord windshield cover |

Aurelio Tech magnetic windshield cover

But if you do need a windshield cover that is magnetic, then the Aurelio Tech cover could be for you. This cover offers four layers of protection for all four seasons of the year. It comes in a universal size that “fits most vehicles,” but the best part is that it has elastic and magnetic edges so that it can stick to your car better than most other covers.

Aurelio Tech windshield cover
Aurelio Tech windshield cover |

SubZero heavy duty arctic guard

If you don’t want to spend $20 to $30 on a windshield cover, then you can always opt for the SubZero heavy duty artic guard. This cover has a universal fitment just like the others and it even has pockets for the side mirrors on your car. Best of all, it only costs $8 and many users on Amazon have given it great reviews.

SubZero heavy duty arctic guard
SubZero heavy duty arctic guard |

Use a tarp or towel

Of course, if you don’t want to spend any money on your car’s windshield protection, then you can always just use a tarp or a towel that you have laying around to cover it. Just note that the cloth that the towel is made of can easily stick to the glass overnight in frigid temperatures. After all, that’s why these companies spend the time and money to make these covers out of such heavy-duty material.

A vehicle with the windshield covered to protect it from snow as a winter snowstorm hit. (Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto)

Water and alcohol

If you don’t want to cover your car’s windshield, or perhaps forget to do so, then you can always melt away the ice and snow by using water and alcohol. No, you’re not going to just dump the liquid on it. Instead, mix 1/3 water and 2/3 rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto your windshield and watch the ice melt off.

According to Tip Hero, many people are afraid to try this method because they are afraid that the alcohol might ruin the car’s paint, but don’t worry, it won’t.


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