What’s Different About Jeep Rubicon Trims?

Any true off-road enthusiast will tell you there’s no experience quite like a Jeep. Jeep lovers will go on to tell you that the meatiest upgrade you can give a Jeep is in the Rubicon trim, but what does this rugged trim level bring to the table? Today, we’ll discuss and highlight everything you need to know about improving your off-road experience with a Rubicon configuration.

A little Rubicon history

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon at the Chicago Auto Show.
2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon | Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Edition originally launched in 2003, and it became so popular that some believed it to be a separate Jeep model altogether. Rubicon trims were added to the lineup to primarily boost off-road capabilities. Designers set out to improve everything from transfer cases to mud-terrain tires. Rubicon was born out of a love of Jeeps and a need for the ultimate off-road beast. Fans have been rejoicing and celebrating the Rubicon badge ever since.

Which Jeep models have Rubicon trim level upgrades

You can decorate your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator with the Rubicon badges and upgrades. Since its inception in 2003, this trim level has always stood for peak off-road performance. Jeep keeps the menu selection of 4×4 vehicles diverse to accommodate both the daily lifestyles of Jeep lovers and enthusiasts of mud-bogging and rock-climbing models. Even if you don’t see yourself venturing out onto the trails very often, just knowing you can with ease is satisfaction enough.

What a Rubicon upgrade can do for your Jeep

Significant differences for Sahara Wrangler and Rubicon Wrangler models include price and off-road capabilities. On average, you’ll pay around $3,000 extra for the Rubicon badges and upgrades. For that increase in price, you’ll enjoy a host of trail-tackling essentials.

Rock-Trac: Rubicon offers the Rock-Trac system for the four-wheel-drive model as an upgrade to Sahara’s Command-Trac system. Rock-Trac is designed to leverage extreme torque across inclines and over boulders. Enjoy a 73 1:1 crawl ratio for the most natural terrain-traversing agility.

Axles: Axle ratios for Rubicon are 4.10, a major upgrade to Sahara’s 3.21. This will give those behind the wheel the greatest crawl capability along with the 17-inch standard wheels.

Dana 44: Rubicon vehicles comes with a Dana 44 front axle instead of Sahara’s Dana 30. This direct bolt-in setup offers performance and durability.

Tru-Lok: Expect Tru-Lok differentials for both the front and rear in the Rubicon configuration for extreme off-road muscle. This system is designed to allow drivers to lock axles from the dashboard.

Electronic Sway Bar: Rubicon is the only Wrangler trim with available Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect – a must-have for off-pavement terrain. This allows the driver to disconnect the sway bar links by merely pushing a button.  A welcome convenience measure compared to the former manual step.

Similarities across Wrangler trims

When comparing the Rubicon with Sport and Sahara trim levels, there are a few similarities at the heart of each Jeep. A classic Jeep isn’t a Jeep unless it features a black soft top and a six-speed manual transmission. You’ll enjoy a base 3.6-liter V6 engine and 285 hp under the hood. Every Wrangler model is quite capable.

Of course, one of the best assets the Rubicon brings is the available extras and off-road specific upgrades. Select packages can bring extra safety features, optimized interior comforts, and style enhancements to your Wrangler. Determining your ideal trim level and package build-out will be based on your lifestyle needs off-pavement. Either way, you’ll be joining a unique club of enthusiasts.

The Jeep Wrangler has always been a name synonymous with performance and off-road capability. Enhancing your Wrangler with the Rubicon badge means you’ll not only be ready for any terrain, but you’ll also be joining a select group of authentic Jeep fans, looking to conquer any path in front of them.