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Multiple companies build tracks that you can install instead of the stock tires on a car, truck, or SUV. And I’m here to say, they can make any vehicle instantly cooler. Even the Tesla Cybertruck–which I was lukewarm on–turns into a mean, lean, off-road machine with a set of tracks. Read on to find out how David Sparks did it, what he has to say about Tesla, and even video of the gnarly rig off-road.

A YouTuber named Ronald who runs “the best YouTube channel you’ve never heard of” loves doing wild things with supercars. He bought one of the first Cybertrucks and immediately took it on a 20 hour roadtrip before deciding that was a horrible idea. So then he turned his Cybertruck into a ramp to jump his BMX bike. Yup. But after some stunts atop the metal exoskeleton, he seems to have come up with another use for the electric pickup.

BMX biker jumps off a Tesla Cybertruck in a parking lot.
Tesla Cybertruck | Supercar_Ron via YouTube

With the help of David Sparks (of the Diesel Brothers) he turned his Cybertruck into an off-road monster: CyberTrax.

They installed four off-road spotlights down on the bumper and another set of six on the roof. And of course they added those four huge snow tracks. To support the truck’s 6,800-pound mass on those wide-set tracks, the team had to beef up the Tesla’s suspension.

At low speeds, the Cybertruck has rear-wheel steering. Off road, that would be pretty cool. But even with the reinforced suspension, the truck broke a rod in the rear steering system during an early test. It was Tesla Motors itself that came through with some much-needed technical help.

Huge thanks to the folks at teslamotors for being so cool and supportive of this project. They have helped us with many tech questions and other random stuff that has really boosted my overall opinion of the company. Bottom line: they appreciate cool stuff just like we do and they earned my support and respect

David Sparks

So there you have it. David Sparks of the Diesel Brothers completely redid a Cybertruck to be an off-road monster, and now he and Tesla are chill.

Next, find out what happened when a Ram rear-ended a Cybertruck, or can see a preview of David Sparks’ upcoming CyberTrax video embedded below: