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Building suspense can be an effective marketing strategy. So can stealing your competition’s thunder during a major promotional event. As reported by Road Show, Ford took full advantage of both methods via a single tweet. Not only did it draw attention, but it made many people wonder about a possible Mustang-inspired electric crossover. Let’s take a look at that tweet and the background behind it.

‘Hold your horses’ says Ford

The tweet that has everyone talking was posted at the same time Tesla unveiled its Model Y. It included Ford’s iconic Mustang symbol outlined in neon blue, along with the words, “Hold your horses.”

The tweet’s timing made many car enthusiasts wonder if Ford would make another announcement soon. Others thought perhaps the automaker was just trolling Tesla, using the tweet to steal attention from its competitor. Some even recalled that Ford previously announced the production of an all-electric crossover version of its classic Mustang; they wondered if a release date was approaching.

Prior hints of an electric Mustang-inspired SUV

As early as September 2018, Ford began hinting at a possible 2020 release for a “Mustang-inspired, fully-electric performance utility.” Via Medium, Darren Palmer, Ford Team Edison’s global product development director, announced the company had invested $11 billion “to bring 16 fully electric vehicles within a global portfolio of 40 electrified vehicles through 2022.”

According to Palmer, his team had been asked to work quickly to bring these new models to market. He’d previously been tasked with developing the next-generation Mustang and called himself a “Mustang enthusiast.” Palmer stated he was anxious to launch the electric Mustang-inspired SUV and looked forward to owning one of those cars himself.

Palmer gave a picture of what the new Mustang-inspired electric SUV would look like. It does have a classic Mustang appearance, with taillights and a frame closely mimicking the iconic car. According to Ford, this electric crossover would have a range of up to 300 miles. However, some tests show that the vehicle could exceed that. Other than that, few details are available about the SUV.

Possible names for an electric Mustang-inspired SUV

Ford also announced its plans to release a Mustang-inspired crossover at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. At that time, the company stated it would name the new vehicle the Mach 1. Ford claimed they were reviving the name because the EV SUV would be a “performance crossover.”

According to Ford spokesperson Mike Levine, the Mach 1 name “captures the spirit of the new vehicle.” He also stated that the company would consider the reactions of potential buyers before making “Mach 1” official. It appears Ford loyalists did not take well to the idea of reviving the Mach 1 as an electric crossover. For now, the idea seems scrapped, although Ford has not announced a new name for its EV SUV.

So, what’s behind Ford’s tweet?

The social media post was effective in that it took attention away from Tesla. It also put Tesla on notice that they would soon face stiff competition from more established automobile manufacturers. Either way, the tweet has people anticipating more details about Ford’s new crossover.