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We’ve seen many impressive electric vehicles debut as gasoline alternative cars and SUVs. However, in 2021, a new electric SUV will launch in the Chinese market. And it’s grabbing the attention of car enthusiasts for a few unexpected reasons. Developed by the newer startup Human Horizons, the HiPHi 1 will target the high-tech, luxury vehicle market.

The car’s futuristic design is not the only intriguing part of this SUV. As Ding Lei, CEO and founder of Human Horizons states, it’s “a premium supercar-inspired electric SUV” that will have the latest technological devices, making it the proverbial smart car of the new decade.

What technology does the HiPHi 1 offer?

Human Horizons incorporated a V2X or vehicle-to-everything feature. Essentially, it’s a communication system that connects via the internet to vehicles, devices, pedestrians, and other infrastructures. The technology will gather road safety and traffic performance data so you can drive as efficiently as possible. Like Tesla, HiPHi 1’s artificial intelligence system will continually learn user data to evolve over time.

Additionally, it will use tons of cameras and sensors; 562 of them to be exact. These will aid in HiPHi 1’s self-driving technology to help make your drive safer. This vehicle will allow you to gain entry with facial recognition technology, using either a smartphone or its onboard entry access system.

HiPHi 1’s design and performance

The exterior has people talking. The futuristics doors outshine many others. Reminiscent of old suicide doors, HiPHi 1’s back rear-hinged doors open in the opposite direction as the front. Also, Human Horizons added rear gull-wing openings in the entryway to allow easier access to the last two rows of seats.

Its construction involves an aluminum-steel mix body and a 96.-kWh lithium-Ion battery mounted under the flooring. With a large display screen and other digital instrumentation across the dashboard, controls are easy to access for both driver and front passenger.

A Chinese news article explains that the SUV has a driving range of over 372 miles. Other auto news outlets, like Car and Driver, state it will reach 400 miles per hour based on China’s testing protocol. Add a 3.9-second acceleration time, smart air suspension and dual-motor design (offering 268 hp), and you could have a worthy competitor to many top electric vehicles on the market.

Will it really give the Tesla X a run for its money?

It may be too early to tell since the production of the HiPhi 1 is slated to begin late this year. Also, the 2021 launch is only for the Chinese market, but Human Horizons hopes to branch out into a more global market later.

One important point to keep in mind is that Human Horizon’s chief technical officer happens to be Mark Stanton, a former executive for the Jaguar Land Rover, well-known in the luxury department. He also worked at Ford, so he brings a high level of knowledge to the startup.

What we do know about this up-and-coming electric SUV: The specs alone promise a battle between the two electric vehicles. The real test will come when all those impressive claims can be fully confirmed.