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An artificial intelligence company is shifting gears to manufacture a camper for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. It is a strange segway for a company that deals with machine learning models. The company; Stream It, wants to make attachments for the Cybertruck and has revealed its first product; this small pop-up house on wheels called “Cyberlandr.” 

Cyberlander needed to be designed from a clean sheet

The idea for the camper came to Stream It CEO Lance King. Nothing on the camper market will work with the Cybertruck, it’s just too different from conventional trucks. “[The RV industry] hasn’t innovated in 50 years,” King told Yahoo! news. “They’re not going to get a stroke of genius and create a new RV. And I thought, ‘who could do it?'”

King says that his company has lots of creative software developers, and it also has AI. He says that the key to an RV on the same plane as Tesla must have AI software. It also needs to be able to be updated annually. 

Nobody designing the Cyberlandr has any RV experience

Another reason he thinks Stream It is the best company for Cybertruck accessories is that it is not an RV company. Nobody working there has been in the RV industry. So he’s saying being an outsider makes for a better product. 

The number of pre-orders has exceeded expectations. Especially, with $80 million in deposits. Stream It hoped to snag around 100 people interested in its camper. Instead, over 1,000 buyers came forward. 

Musk’s response to the Cyberlandr was “Cool”

And it has a veiled endorsement from Tesla founder Elon Musk. When shown the video of King’s idea last month, he said it was “cool.” That in itself should get the followers of Musk to pay attention. 

What is attracting buyers is the unusual features of this $50,000 camper. First, there is a retractable set of stairs for getting into the bedroom and bathroom. The entire unit can collapse when not in use. 

For the kitchen, there is everything you would expect. A smart-faucet which you can use with voice commands, refrigerator, porcelain countertops, hidden cooktop, sink, cutting board, and drying rack. The living room features removable seats, lighting, a 32-inch smart television, and voice-activated lighting.

The kitchen and bathroom are fully-equipped

Besides sleeping for two there is also room below the bed for one adult or two children. The bathroom features heated floors, a shower, sink, toilet, and smart glass that can dim to block off what’s happening inside. 500-watt solar panels ride on top that augments the Cybertruck’s standard battery. 

In all, when opened up the camper will stand 11-feet and weigh 1,200 lbs. The company plans on manufacturing these campers near where the Cybertruck will be manufactured in Austin, Texas. Until the dimensions are shared by Tesla, or until the Cybertruck is released no plans can be finalized.  

So it is a waiting game for now. The camper has been designed so that dimensions can easily be changed based on any discrepancies that end up happening. “We’re ramping up everything to make sure we can respond very quickly to those changes and get them out as soon as possible afterward,” King says.


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