Could This New MPV Compete With the Honda Odyssey?

The Honda Odyssey has been one of the most highly-regarded minivans on the market for the past couple of decades and while it continually goes toe-to-toe with the Toyota Sienna, there’s one MPV that could be a likely contender. Wuling, which is one of GM’s subsidiary automakers based in China, just debuted its Victory MPV last week, which it plans to release globally. The Wuling Victory looks promising, but is it enough to claim victory over the venerable Odyssey?

The Wuling Victory sure has the looks

Wuling Victory | GM
Wuling Victory | GM

A quick glance of the recently released photos of Wuling Victory gives us the vibes of the first-generation Odyssey. If you remember the first-generation Honda Odyssey, you’ll remember that it has swing-out rear doors – much like a normal car – as opposed to sliding rear doors. But on top of that, the first Odyssey also looked more like an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) than a true minivan. But the Wuling Victory aims to be much more than just an MPV, which evident judging by its other features.

While Wuling might not be well-known in countries other than China, it’s looking to make a statement with its new MPV. The Victory boasts a high-quality interior design, a host of safety tech, and sleek exterior that’s unlike the minivans here in the U.S.

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Wuling Victory | GM
Wuling Victory | GM

The Wuling Victory has a lot of promise

The Wuling Victory is based on the brand’s SGMW platform and is 192 inches long, 74 inches wide, 67 inches tall, and has a 110-inch wheelbase. On the inside, all of that length and width pays off as the cabin boasts a luxurious layout including a two-toned black and tan color scheme, leather seating surfaces, and sleek dashboard layout with a 12.3-inch screen that sits front and center.

In the second row, there are dual captain’s chairs that recline and deliver a first-class experience with built-in ottomans, similar to those found in the Toyota Sienna. They slide fore and aft and extend electronically. The comfort and spaciousness of the cabin are further accentuated by the dual moonroof layouts above the second row. And as far as safety tech, the Victory will have four high-definition cameras, six radar sensors, and a host of driver-assist systems that include adaptive cruise control and autonomous braking.

Wuling Victory | GM

The Victory will be coming soon

The Wuling Victory will be powered by a pair of turbocharged 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engines; one will produce 145 horsepower and the other will put out 174 hp. While that’s not exactly Odyssey-killing power, considering Honda’s minivan has a 280-hp V6 under the hood, but those engines could do well when it comes to getting great fuel economy. Also, if the Victory were to actually show up on U.S. shores, we imagine that some of the safety specs and power ratings would need to be updated to American standards in order to be competitive.

But for now, the Wuling Victory is expected to show up at dealerships in China later this year and we have to hear about more global developments. For now, the Honda Odyssey can keep its place at the top of the list.