2021 Honda Odyssey is Enchanted, with Disney Hookup

A trip to Disneyland is a road trip many families dream about. Pre-COVID, thousands of people made the odyssey every day to the magical park. So, it is fitting to learn that the Honda Odyssey, a popular family hauler, has been the Official Vehicle of Disneyland Resort for 15 years. Now, Honda is launching an “Enchanted Odyssey” social media marketing campaign to make sure everybody knows about their minivan and the link with Disney.

a silver 2021 Honda driving down a treelined road
2021 Honda Odyssey | Honda

In a press release this morning, Honda announced the new marketing campaign was geared to position the 2021 Honda Odyssey as the ultimate family vehicle. The first ad shows a family in the minivan approaching and going through a roadway tunnel. While inside the tunnel, of course, the magic happens. The kids in the middle and back rows are mesmerized by the replay of memories spent at the park, as narrated by presumably the mother in the front passenger seat. 

The Odyssey has a third-row camera

The ad does what ads do, it spotlights some of the features that people are looking for. For example, as the mom narrates their trip through the tunnel into Disneyland, the CabinWatch rear-seat camera is highlighted. This feature displays a live feed of what is going on in the third row of seating in the 2021 Honda Odyssey. The image of the third row is played on the infotainment system at the front for the driver and passenger to make sure no shenanigans are happening way back there.

This is a view of the three row cabin of the 2021 Honda Odyssey.
2021 Honda Odyssey Interior | Honda

The Odyssey has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The infotainment system, as already mentioned, made an appearance in the ad. The Disney Hits playlist was selected as the family entered the tunnel in their minivan. This was certainly Honda’s attempt to emphasize that Android Auto and Apple Carplay integration in the Odyssey. Once the playlist began with the magical music, and the minivan entered the tunnel, different attractions from Disney’s park appeared outside the windows of the van, much to the delight of the children inside. The ad is below.


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Plenty of safety and driver-assist features

Honda has sold over one million Odyssey minivans over the past ten years. The 2021 Odyssey is available for sale today and has many features that families appreciate. In addition to the CabinWatch feature mentioned earlier, the minivan also has a rear seat reminder chime to remind drivers to check the rear seat. Of course, a suite of other safety and driver-assist features are offered such as a collision mitigation braking system, lane-keeping assist, road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, blind-spot monitoring, and cross-traffic monitoring.

A family road trip to Disneyland is more enjoyable in a minivan than it would be in a tight econobox. So, Honda’s appearance with the Odyssey as a sponsor at a family-friendly venue such as Disney is not surprising. The “Enchanted Odyssey” social media marketing campaign is a good tie in of family fun, family transportation, and the enchanted world that captures children’s imaginations. After all, what could be more magical than Dumbo flying over your minivan?