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Have you always wanted a Bugatti but can’t afford the $4 million price tag? Well, Costco will sell you this electric Bugatti scooter for $939.99. It’s a real Bugatti that the company designed, and it’s produced by Bytech.

Costco has a Bugatti scooter for sale

Bugatti teamed with Bytech to create the scooter. It has all the hallmarks of a “real” Bugatti car, like LED lighting and a taillight that shines the classic EB – for Ettorio Bugatti – on the ground. It has run-flat tires and three drive modes. It’s quick, but not fast. It tops out at 18.5 miles per hour, according to Bugatti.

Unlike a Chiron, though, the scooter folds, and its tires are just nine inches in diameter. It’s electric and has a range of 20 to 25 miles with 600 watts of power. It’s also sold through Bugatti Scooters.

There’s a new Bugatti scooter for 2023

A Bugatti scooter (sold at Costco) in French racing blue
Bugatti Scooter | Bugatti

The model you can get at Costco, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and several other online retailers is the 2022 version. For 2023, the company completely redesigned the scooter. The new model has 10-inch wheels, a sturdier frame, and a stronger motor. It won’t hit 257 mph like a Bugatti car, but it will hit 22 mph on the street. Bugatti hasn’t released pricing on the new scooter yet, but with passcode protection, a touchscreen, and a new headlight and taillight that shines the EB logo on the ground, it’s likely a lot more expensive.

According to Bugatti, the new battery and motor combine for 1,000 watts of power. Also, the larger battery gives it a 35-mile range compared to the 22-mile range of the older version. Overall, the new scooter is 10% larger all around. Again, it’s made by Bytech and comes in three Bugatti color combos, though we’d pick the Bleu, the classic French blue racing color that vintage Bugatti cars wore.

The folks at Tech Crunch say the new scoot gives Bugatti Mistral vibes. This isn’t the first time Bugatti has added a fun item to its catalog. The automaker has a history of partnering with other companies, including Lego, for special kid versions of its cars.

Bugatti says the success of the first scooter led to the second version

The Bugatti scooter is available at Costco
2023 Bugatti Scooter | Bugatti

It’s hard to argue with a sub-$1,000 Bugatti. Who doesn’t want to say, “Wanna’ see my new Bugatti?” Bugatti said that the success of the first one led to the new version, and it looks like Bugatti is also taking scootering more seriously with the new version.

The new 2023 10-inch version has new lighting, with two LEDs in the leather-wrapped grips. It also comes with a Bugatti-branded MIPS-certified helmet to protect your noggin.

Eli Mizrahi, Business Development Executive at Bytech, said: “We have paid very close attention to the hundreds of millions of our fans and followers. This new premium version will give them the further elevated experience that they crave to grow into the future with. Enhanced speed at legal limits, strength in performance, enlightened features, along with enhanced safety measures all orchestrate into a masterpiece that users can all be proud of and confident in. An amazing touch screen along with fine leather grips signify this smooth touch of elegance.”

If you want to add luxury to your vehicle lineup, the Bugatti scooter would be a fun addition.


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