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  • A Bugatti Chiron has angered the German goverment after a top speed run
  • Millionaire Radim Passer has been heavily criticised for the stunt by German government officials
  • 257 mph isn’t even close to the Chiron’s top speed

Autobahn blasts adorn even the deepest crevasses of car YouTube. But one video has drawn the ire of the German government. It also renewed talks on the speed limit on the world’s most famous stretches of highway. The man we have to thank for this strange situation is millionaire, Czchekoslovakia’s 33rd richest man, and Bugatti owner: Radim Passer. His Bugatti Chiron hit 257 mph in a YouTube video posted on January 9th.

A blue Bugatti Chiron, similar to the one owned by Radim Passer, shot from the front 3/4
The Chiron is capable of much more than 257 MPH | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

This Bugatti Chiron is the fastest car on the Autobahn

Can you imagine being rich enough to own a Bugatti, ship, or drive it to Germany, and then piss off a global superpower? IN ONE DAY?? Frankly, I’m a bit impressed at the situation Passer has gotten himself and his Bugatti Chiron into. Honestly, it’s almost as impressive as the Autobahn run itself, which you can watch above.

Back in 2018, Passer took his other car, the record-holding Bugatti Veyron, out to the Autobahn, setting a self-claimed record of 402.4 kph, or 250.1 mph. Supposedly, this is the fastest a car has ever gone on the German highway, though we can’t verify that claim at this time. Regardless, Passer’s Chiron beat that by going 417 kph, passing a Porsche 911 like it was standing still.

The 257 MPH run really pissed off the German government

German Green Party leaders Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck at a conference in November
The Green Party quickly voiced their distaste in the exhibition of speed | Tobias Schwarz via Getty Images

Unfortunately for Passer, the stunt drew the ire of the leaders of Germany’s Green Party almost immediately. The Green Party is currently one of several leaders of the coalition government that runs Germany. The reason for that ire was of course, related to the Green Party’s stance on both the environment and the Autobahn’s deregulated sections, where speeds like this are actually legal.

The German Transport Ministry (partly managed by the Green Party) issued sharp criticism of Passer. Per AP News, the Ministry “ejects any behavior in road traffic that leads or can lead to endangering road users.” In short, the Transport Ministry was not impressed with the speed of the Bugatti Chiron. In fact, despite the event taking place in an unrestricted zone, the Ministry said Passer broke the law because he was at a speed where he was not totally in control of his Chiron.

What makes the Autobahn so special?

An Autobahn road sign indicating the lifting of highway restrictions in Germany
The Autobahn has large swaths of unrestricted highway | Pavel S via Unsplash

While no further action has been taken by any arm of the German government, or by the Green Party themselves, the stunt renewed debates about the future of unrestricted zones on the Autobahn. Germany’s Green Party believes that high speed limits on the Autobahn encourage the flagrant consumption of fuel. So much so that the party has called for an 80 mph speed limit, ending unrestricted sections of the Autobahn. These unrestricted sections are what make the Autobahn so interesting, and their fate will certainly change car culture forever.


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