Corvette Curse Continues: Now There Are Delays And Supplier Issues For 2021

If you didn’t have the feeling the C8 Corvette was somehow cursed you might now. Delays due to the September UAW strike last year, COVID-19 shutdowns, and lack of certain parts caused numerous delays for manufacturing 2020 Corvettes. In fact, many on the waitlist had to pass on a 2020 Corvette and settle for 2021. But now there are delays and supplier issues for the 2021 Corvette too!

Early this month Corvette shut down the Bowling Green, Kentucky assembly plant to convert over to 2021 Corvette production. With 2020 under its belt workers felt secure in having produced what is produced. It would now act as a cushion for cranking out 2021 Corvettes. 

Supplier issues are fouling up Corvette production

The sky cool gray and yellow 2021 Corvette interior | GM

But now look at what’s happening. From Corvette Blogger comes word that supplier issues are fouling up production. It’s the Corvette curse rising again. Specifically, the Sky Cool Gray/Strike Yellow interiors. You say you don’t know about this new interior? 

The Sky Cool Gray/Strike Yellow interior option is new for 2021. Because you wouldn’t want just a single leather color. No, you need something gaudier. So with this 3LT trim option interior, you get black seats with gray inserts sprinkled with yellow stitching. It represents the Corvette Racing livery used in the last few years. 

If you ordered that option, which actually doesn’t look as bad as it sounds, you may need to contact your dealer. That’s because you might not be able to get it. Chevy has placed the option on constraint. 

Some 2021 Corvettes have already been manufactured with the interior

The sky cool gray and yellow 2021 Corvette interior | GM

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Some 2021 Corvettes have already been manufactured with the interior. So for those lucky souls, they’ll get what they ordered. But others on that list will either have to opt for another selection or get placed further back in the queue. Then, if they’re lucky, they could receive the interior later in 2021. But then again, who knows for sure?

So that last option is like a crapshoot. You’ll have to weigh the options with your dealer to come up with a plan that works for you. But wait; there is still more Corvette curse supplier news that you won’t want to hear about.

There is an accessory that the supplier is having trouble making. It is the Stingray illuminated door sill plate. Its RPO code number is VST. The reason is because of COVID-19-related issues with the supplier. It will not be a major interruption but some of those on the list will either have to pass on the option or move further back in line.

These early 2021 builds are for those who didn’t get 2020 Corvettes

C8 Corvette | Getty

The problem with moving back in line is that these early 2021 builds must be for those who didn’t make the cut for 2020 Corvettes. So they have already been waiting. Now, if you push them back farther back in line it will be a second time. Not good!

We would suspect there will be some unhappy customers once they’re faced with that prospect? That said, we’ll have to see how this shakes out as the 2021 model year expands.