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One of the most important parts of owning a car is providing the necessary services and maintenance. By taking care of the maintenance, even the most routine services, you will be able to enjoy your car for many more years to come. Even a beginner who has no mechanical knowledge and get lost looking for the right screwdriver, there are a few car maintenance things that even you can do. This can help you save money and understand your car better.

Jumpstart a car

While this isn’t a repair in the traditional sense, being able to jumpstart a car is a valuable piece of knowledge. This will help keep you from being stranded and help others. Jumpstarting a car is necessary to keep you on the road confidently, so keep a set in your vehicle. 

To jump a car, open both cars’ hoods while turned off and connect the red wires to the positive terminal, and black wires to the negative terminal. Start the car used to jump your car and let the engine run for a few minutes. After a few minutes, try to start your vehicle with a dead battery. Let it run to charge up the battery if it starts.

Changing your oil from home is easy maintenance

oil and oil filter, necessary parts of changing your oil
Oil and Oil Filter | Rinald Rolle via Unsplash

Any driver will tell you that an oil change is the most important service to complete to keep your car performing at the highest levels for longer. Engine oil helps lubricate and cool your engine correctly and works less effectively after time. An oil change remedies this and, instead of spending to have it done for you, do it at home. You only need a few tools, the oil, and an oil filter. 

Replace a flat with ease

Your car’s tires are responsible for keeping you in contact with the road and driving safely. Unfortunately, there may come a time when your tire goes flat, and you need to change that tire. Changing a tire may seem like a tough job, but in reality, it is probably one of the easiest things to do. Plus, it can save you from having to get your car towed somewhere.

Change spark plug is simple at home maintenance

The spark plug is a standard part that lots of drivers know about. It creates the spark necessary to get your engine firing and working. Every engine cylinder has a spark plug, and they begin to wear out after some time. Because it’s a small part of the engine, it can seem like a daunting repair, but realistically, it is pretty easy to replace a spark plug.

Never run out of juice with a fresh battery

Aside from your engine, the battery is solely responsible for powering many of the accessories in the car. Car batteries can last anywhere from three to five years, according to AutoZone, so you will likely need to replace the battery at some point. To replace it, remove any cover, disconnect the negative cables, disconnect the positive wires, remove any screws, and install the new battery. This is so easy that even a beginner can do it!

Replace your headlights or taillights

a replacement headlight bulb
Replacement Headlight Bulb | Loop Images via Getty Images

If you are driving along at night and notice the road ahead may be dimmer than it typically is, or you are alerted to a taillight being out, it’s time to change a light. Either way, this is an easy fix you can do right in your driveway. Simply remove the light housing by removing the screws, disconnecting the electrical connection, removing the old bulb, and installing the new one. Reconnect the cable and the housing, and get on your way.

Replacing your wipers is one of the easiest maintenances

One part of your car that can often be overlooked is the wipers. But, the wipers are essential to ensuring you can drive during inclement weather. If your wipers are working correctly, your windshield won’t be adequately cleared. Luckily, you can replace the wipers in minutes. Simply lift the wiper arms, press the small tab, and pull off the wiper. Finally, install the new wiper, letting it click into place, and lower the wiper arm. This is probably the most beginner friendly service you can do.

Get rid of unsightly scratches

a man scratching a car with a screwdriver, remove a scratch right from home
Man Scratching a Car | Picture Alliance via Getty Images

Many drivers have an immense sense of pride in how their car looks. Keeping the paint clean and free of imperfections can help keep your vehicle looking new and its value. If you get a scratch on your car, you will want to repair it. Luckily, if you can determine how deep the scratch is, you can take steps to fix it.

Keep fresh air coming into your engine with a new air filter

Instead of spending close to or more than $100 to have a dealership or mechanic install an air filter, do it yourself. The air filters in your car keep your engine free of dust and allow fresh air in. To replace the air filter, locate the air box, remove the cover, remove the air filter, and clean the housing. Install the new air filter and replace the lid; you are ready to hit the road. 

Enjoy improved stopping power with fresh brake pads

brembo brake pads, fresh brake pads can bring you better stopping power
Brembo Brake Pads | Brembo

If you notice that your brakes aren’t working correctly, it could signify that you need new brake pads. Replacing brake pads is surprisingly easy maintenance and can be done right at home by a beginner. You will need a few tools to replace your brake pads, including a jack and the new brake pads. Replace the brake pads by jacking up the car, removing the wheel, removing the slider bolts, removing the worn-out brake pads, installing the new brake pads, replace the slider bolts and the wheel.


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