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Keeping your car in the best shape is easier when you keep up with routine maintenance. One of the essential services to keep up with is oil changes. This is among the vital services necessary to ensure your car will perform at its highest levels. If you’d like to enjoy your vehicle for many more years and enjoy the best performance, take the time to get your oil changed on time.

5. Keeps your engine cooler

One of the first benefits of regular oil changes is that your engine can run cooler. With the number of moving parts found in the engine, there is bound to be substantial heat build-up. If your engine utilizes fresh oil, it can stay cooler as the oil will work more efficiently.

4. Allows your engine to be properly lubricated

The oil is vital to keeping every part, big or small, adequately lubricated as your engine runs. As the oil in your engine gets older, it becomes less efficient at keeping your engine lubricated. When this happens, the parts not only generate more heat but will work less effectively. With a fresh oil change, your engine will be able to run smoother, cooler, and have a longer life.

3. Cleans your engine

It’s no secret that an engine can get very dirty. Aside from the dirty and grime that you can see, the inside of your engine can be filthy. Oil is vital in keeping your engine clean and free of debris. As your engine runs, the internal parts and metals will wear down, causing sludge to build up. The oil will absorb this sludge to keep your engine clean. Old oil can effectively get rid of that sludge and deposit that grossness back into your engine. Changing your oil can help move that sludge out of the engine and keep it running better.

2. Offers you a bump in gas mileage

Have you ever heard that an oil change can help your engine use less gas? It’s true! If your motor is running at its peak efficiency, you will burn less gas and have to stop for fill-ups less often. This, in turn, will help you save a bit of money in the future.

1. Allows your engine to last much longer

The most significant and long-lasting reason to get consistent oil changes is that it can significantly extend the life of your engine. If you take the time to get an oil change at the recommended intervals, you will increase the chance of your engine lasting and performing at higher levels for longer. A properly maintained engine can easily surpass 100,000-miles, or longer, barring any more prominent issues.

A few other reasons to get an oil change

You may remember your dad telling you to change your oil and keep up with routine maintenance. Like many others, you may have written off this advice. But, you may now realize that was some of the best advice you were ever given. Aside from keeping your engine in better shape and performing better, regular oil changes offer a few other benefits.

  • You can save some money
    • By spending a little bit of money on regular oil changes, you can save money in the long run by hopefully avoiding more significant repairs and services. Meineke says, “the average cost of a years’ worth of oil changes ($120) to the cost of not proactively maintaining a vehicle’s engine ($4,000)* and the benefit to both wallets and vehicle well-being is clear.”
  • You can avoid larger repairs
    • Getting regular oil changes can help you avoid more expensive and labor-intensive maintenance.
  • You can enjoy more simple maintenance in the future

Work with a professional and do it yourself

A man refills the engine's oil with a funnel and the proper oil
A man refills an engine’s oil | Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

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Getting your oil changed is undoubtedly one of the essential services to keep your car happy. Aside from the immediate benefits, routine oil changes will make your entire ownership and driving experience much better. 

You can visit a professional to get an oil change, or if you are confident enough, you can do it yourself at home!