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When it comes to brakes, few brands are as popular and recognizable as Brembo. Brembo is often the choice for drivers who want to upgrade their stock brakes and get better-stopping power. Because of the brand’s recognition, it’s only fitting that Brembo is looking to bring new technology to its braking systems. With the upcoming Brembo Sensify system, drivers will feel a new sense of confidence when they press the brake pedal.

What is the Brembo Sensify System?

There are few things as important as brakes in a car. They are responsible for bringing you and your passengers to stop and managing your adventures. They play a critical role in your driving experience, you want to ensure you keep your brakes in great shape. The new Brembo Sensify System may be the upgrade you have been searching for. It will ensure you can enjoy the best possible stopping performance. 

The new Brembo Sensify System is a new by-wire system that will work to apply unique pressure to each brake caliper. This can offer drivers a more comfortable, complete and safer driving experience. This system works electronically through one central controller that, in turn, activates the brakes based on your input. Other factors such as the grip level, steering angle, and wheel speed are also taken into account. 

How are the brakes controlled?

the front brake that is found on the upcoming sensify braking system
The front brake for the Brembo Sensify System | Brembo

Typically, your brakes utilize the pedal, which is still a part of the Brembo Sensify System, and a brake booster. Additionally, brake lines and fluid all worked together to apply the necessary pressure when you hit the pedal.

In this new system, Brembo now uses an electronic controller that will send a signal to the brakes to apply pressure when you press the pedal. But, wait, how is that pressure applied? In the pre-production system that Car and Driver tested, the front wheels pair with a master cylinder connected to a small electric motor. In the rear, the system uses an electric motor that will squeeze the Brembo floating caliper to apply pressure.

This setup is not final. Once this system comes into production, it could run a system like this, a full hydraulic system, or a fully electric setup. One cool part of this new system is that the brake pads do not need to be in constant contact with the caliper, which can help extend the life of the brake pads. If necessary, though, the system can be programmed to have the pad function as it does on standard brakes.

Will there be big performance gains?

the rear brake for the new brembo sensify system
The rear brake for the Brembo Sensify System | Brembo

As with any significant upgrade, there is the wonder of what good can this system do? In this case, the hope is that this system will dramatically decrease the time to stop on wet and dry surfaces and give drivers more control. But, at this point, it is hard to say. Significant testing hasn’t happened just yet, but once this system is widely available, there will be plenty of information. 

When can drivers expect to experience this system?

a tesla model s that is fitted with the upcoming brembo sensify system
A Tesla Model S demo car with the Brembo Sensify Brakes | Brembo

While this system is still developing, according to Brembo, the new Sensify system will hopefully hit the market in early 2024. There is still a bit of time to wait, but it could certainly be worth it for the increase in stopping power.


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