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All of the years of dramatic headlines, obscured specs, and conflicting information surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck has removed it from the rest of the truck world. An image of the new electric truck parked next to a Ford F-250 Super Duty has emerged on the internet, and it’s bizarre. How large do you think the Cybertruck is? Tesla still hasn’t told us, but comparing it to a Ford F-250 Super Duty is mighty telling. 

How big is the Tesla Cybertruck? 

During the Q2 2023 earnings call, Tesla people mentioned that the Cybertruck wouldn’t exceed 19 feet long. They also mentioned that the truck’s bed would be longer than 6 feet. For reference, the Ford Lightning is 19.3 feet long with a 5.5 ft bed. 

As with many aspects of the Cybertruck, we still don’t know the exact dimensions. However, this video of it next to an F-250 shows that the Tesla Cybertruck is no midsize truck. It’s easy to see it as a smaller truck by looking at photos of it by itself. Maybe it’s the angles or just some psychological dissonance with it being a Tesla? It’s hard to say. This thing parked next to the Super Duty shows that this is a proper large pickup truck. 

Inside EVs shows drone footage of a Tesla Cybertruck doing a lap around the Texas Gigafactory. The footage shows it pulls up to Super Duty in an intersection. The large work truck all of a sudden seems like a regular truck. In case you aren’t familiar with the Ford F-250 Super-Duty, this is a large HD work truck. 

Since we don’t have dimensions for the Cybertruck, we’ll look at F-250 dimensions to compare. Ford provides the proper dimensions, which can vary slightly based on trim. According to Ford, the F-250 Super-Duty measures 232-266″ L x 80″ W x 78-82″ H. It’s important to note that we can’t rule out a bit of lens distortion or other optical illusions, but if we take the video at face value, the Cybertruck could measure similarly.

The Cybertruck is cool, but it’s weird

Ever since the first images of the Cybertruck hit the internet, there was no question that we were seeing something new. There is no shortage of good reasons for people to be skeptical, but no matter what happens with the Tesla Cybertruck, the thing is an exciting bit of design. 

Other than size, the Ford F-250 next to the Cybertruck really highlights how strange the design is. The long windshield, the high-walled bed, and every other aspect of the truck are just different. The Ford is the perfect one to compare because of how traditional the F-series still is. 

The video is interesting because aside from the F-250 moment, the Cybertruck passes multiple other vehicles, does a tight u-turn (rear-wheel turning?), and reflects the sun pretty alluringly. This is the first bit of media we’ve seen in a while surrounding the Cybertruck that is properly exciting. 

When will we see mass production of Cybertrucks?

The Tesla Cybertruck driving over desert sand
Tesla Cybetruck | Tesla

As always, we still have plenty of questions about the Tesla truck. However, this video at least gives us some “real world” context for the new electric vehicle. Tesla is still working on preproduction examples to fine-tune the production line, but full-scale production is supposed to kick off in early 2024.