Common RV Mistakes That Cops Watch Holiday Travel For

They know when you are speeding, they see when you aren’t wearing your seatbelt, they’ll give you a ticket, ruining how your holiday travel felt. Alright, so we review automobiles, not holiday songwriters. But the point is, cops are watching. They will spot RV mistakes and could pull you ever. Learn how to safely avoid expensive RV tickets before you visit your family and friends. 

RV mistakes that cops watch for 

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, everyone is getting recreational vehicles. More RVs, campers, and motorhomes are hitting the streets with rookie drivers. As we gear up for Thanksgiving travel, we could see a record number of RVs on the road. 

A tourist in an RV with bicycle racks approaches the small town of Chimayo, New Mexico
A tourist in an RV with bicycle racks approaches the small town of Chimayo, New Mexico | Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Also, cops will be out in greater numbers to ensure traffic safety. So, if you’re an RV beginner, you may benefit from knowing what signs cops look out for. If you get an RV ticket, your entire trip could be ruined. Also, thank the RV Dummy for these tips! 

Be a safe RV driver 

The police will want to make sure you can properly handle your RV to keep your own family and fellow travelers around you safe. Depending on what type of recreational vehicle you have, it could be massive and heavy. Meaning it could really cause some damage in a wreck. 

Don’t speed. Follow the speed limit to ensure that you have control of your ride and you’re following traffic laws. Also, don’t mess with the flow of traffic.

Keep up with other vehicles, if you can. This means don’t drive too slowly, especially in the passing lane. Also, don’t push your limits by going faster than you’re comfortable with. 

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Just relax. We know that holiday travel can be stressful, and road rage can happen. But don’t aggressively honk at, block, or tailgate other drivers. Road rage can escalate pretty quickly and create dangerous situations. 

Put your phone down. You don’t want to be seen texting or calling someone while you’re in control of a vehicle. Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. Have your copilot use their phone or set up your navigation before you head out. 

Avoid dangerous RV Mistakes 

Don’t pullover in a dangerous area. If you have to get to the side of the road, avoid sloping inclines or uneven terrain where you could get stuck. Also, don’t pullover in heavily trafficked areas where your RV or passengers could be hit on the side of the highway. 

RV on the road
RV | George Rose/Getty Images

Make sure all of your equipment is hooked up properly. See if your RV brake lights are working with your trailer, your tires are correctly inflated, your headlights are working, and more. These are simple issues that could get you pulled. 

Wear your seatbelt! That’s traffic safety 101, but people still won’t click it, then they could face a ticket. Your passengers need to be safely seated with their seatbelts on too. You don’t want someone getting spotted walking around as this creates a dangerous situation. They could go flying in the event of an accident. 

Of course, don’t drive under the influence. Cops will be looking for signs of intoxication, like crossing into the wrong lane or the failure to stop at a traffic light or stop sign. Don’t pass around any joints or anything like that, even if it is legal in the area. 

Also, don’t drive tired. Driving tired can make it seem like you’re driving drunk. Fatigue can delay your response times. Truckers are only allowed to drive 11 hours a day for a reason, because driving is exhausting, and driving tired is dangerous. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel, or you could lose your life instead of simply getting an RV ticket.