The Most Common RV Problems You Should Know Before Buying

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, recreational vehicles have seen a rise in sales and popularity. They provide a home-away-from-home while allowing travelers to easily social distance. With an RV, you can avoid airports, hotels, and crowds. 

If you’re all ready to get an RV and hit the open road, there are a few common problems you’ll want to know about. We’ll also give you some effective solutions for each. 

Why would you run into problems with an RV?

According to popular YouTube channel Big Truck Big RV, the reason you will rarely find a problem-free RV is human involvement. RVs aren’t assembled in the same manner as cars which are composed of parts manufactured by machines and then assembled by machines. 

Assembled by humans using a basic template, RVs often aren’t consistent across make or model. According to the channel, each RVs superstructure is going to be slightly different because of its human assembly. Everything is done by hand using nail guns, adhesives, caulk, and more. 

The most common RV problems and how to deal with them

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According to the YouTube Channel All About RV’s, there are five common types of RV problems you’ll encounter. Each has simple solutions.

First, there are plumbing issues. If you end up with a busted water pipe on your RV, keeping a small supply of Pex push-on fittings, couplings, and water valve shut-off pieces will come in handy. They aren’t expensive and take up little room for great convenience. Since many RVs today use Pex piping, the fix is often an easy one. 

The next potential problem area is the RV’s seals. You can experience leaks around the windows, roof area, and more. While it’s best to tackle this issue when you’re home as opposed to being on the road, you can make the repairs anywhere. It’s a good idea to be proactive and check the seals out before you hit the road for the best results.

If the leak is coming from an area where the caulk is old and cracked, you’ll want to completely remove or cut out the old caulk and redo it. That’s why working from home is ideal. If you need to sand down to the base materials and caulk it again to form a new seal, it’s easier there. With today’s quality products, the seal could last for years.

You might also experience propane issues in your RV. Propane issues are easy to misdiagnose. People will think something is wrong with their appliances or ignition. According to All About RV’s, the most common problem for propane is the pressure regulator.

The pressure regulator makes sure the right amount of propane is delivered to the appliance you’re trying to use. If you’re able to tell that the pressure regulator is the culprit, they are easy to switch out. You’ll want to ensure that you have the right kind of compound or propane tape to makes sure it’s replaced properly and that there will be no leaks.

The RV’s tires and wheels are another common area where you might experience problems. It’s important to have quality spare tires on your RV as well as all the tools you’ll need to change out the tire. It’s also vital to visually inspect the bearings and suspension system for any signs of wear

Finally, there are electrical problems. When problems arise, it’s important to know if it’s on the 120-volt side or on the 12-volt side. Since the 120-volt side powers your lights and other operational functions, it’s a good place to start troubleshooting. 

If you can determine that your RV is receiving power, you can move on to the circuit panel and breakers and work from there. If you need to replace fuses or breakers, pay attention to the numbers and types so you make an appropriate switch.

Keep notes

Keeping a record of your RV’s maintenance is important. It will help you know when and what was repaired in the past and help you keep track of when to check your systems again. Different systems require service at different times so good record keeping will help keep you straight.

Through regular maintenance and observation, you can keep your RV is safe running order and handle any problems that arise like a DIY champ.