The Chevy Montana Is Set to Be a Fierce Challenger to the Ford Maverick

Small pickup trucks seemed to die out as more people moved to the big city, while farmers began to utilize larger equipment and fell in love with heavy-duty trucks that could haul more. However, the long-forgotten compact pickups are on their way back, and Chevrolet has jumped in the game with the third-generation Chevy Montana. It’s designed to take on the much anticipated Ford Maverick. So, does it have what it takes?

The compact pickup trucks are back

The 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat truck model with an orange paint color driving on a country highway
The 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat truck model | The Ford Motor Company

Sedans are out, and pickups are in. Many automakers are ditching their section of sedans to make more room for SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. Thanks to improved gas mileage and EV and hybrid options, it’s now feasible to have a bigger vehicle for about the same price. 

While small pickups aren’t as spacious as their larger counterparts, their ability to haul small loads and go off-road makes them worth it. Still, others love the way a small pickup looks and prefer it to larger vehicles. Some of the new pickups to join the fray include the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the Ford Maverick. So, does the Chevy Montana offer enough new features to compete?

Introducing the third-generation Chevy Montana 

Chevy is taking some hits when it comes to its truck lineup. The Colorado is getting slammed for being one of the least safe trucks on the road. Some popular safety features such as Automatic Brakes and Blind-Spot Monitoring aren’t available at all on the model. Additionally, the few options available, including Forward Collision and Lane Departure Assist, will cost you extra. 

Now General Motors is trying to make up for that with the new Montana. GM Authority has released more information about the upcoming Chevy Montana, and it’s all too clear that this isn’t your typical small pickup. There are no sharp lines like you find on most trucks. Instead, the lines tend to slope and join together at odd angles. This is because GM is trying to redefine what the Montana looks like now that it’s going into the third generation. This Montana will be built on a unibody frame, and it looks great.

The standard engine for the third-generation Chevy Montana is rumored to be a turbocharged 1.2L three-cylinder with 133 hp. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information about the specs at this time.

Will the Chevy Montana beat the Ford Maverick?

The Drive believes that the Montana might have what it takes to fight the Ford Maverick. Given the legendary rivalry between the two American automakers, it would make sense that Chevy would be invested in bringing the Montana stateside now that Ford has a small pickup here.

Up to this point, other countries have gotten the Montana, but not the United States. GM Authority reports that will now change this fall. An exact date has yet to be stated, but given that summer is halfway over, we won’t have to wait much longer to finally set eyes on the all-new Montana and maybe even be able to buy one.

However, it won’t be an easy fight. The Ford Maverick is set to come standard as a hybrid model, which is sure to give it an advantage over the Montana. Chevy hasn’t mentioned any hybrid options for the Montana, so those concerned over rising fuel costs might favor the Maverick. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see the specs of the Montana before making a definitive statement.

While we could speculate about which will come out on top, the truth is neither has arrived yet, so we’re not sure. There are many factors to consider, such as looks, power, critic reviews, safety reports, pricing, and of course, the opinion of the consumers. The Maverick is set to be released this fall, so we should better understand which model will come out on top of this new pickup rivalry soon. No matter which pickup wins, it should make for an exciting new rivalry. 

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