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The pandemic saw the automotive buying process change dramatically. In the past, dealers would receive vehicles from manufacturers, and then those dealers would have consumers browse lots, shop around at multiple dealers, and then haggle for the best deals. Through this haggling process, buyers could ask questions, test drive vehicles, and make an informed decision with their buying process. However, during the pandemic, buyers needed cars, and face-to-face contact wasn’t possible.

This leads to buyers doing their research and buying their next car 100% online. This was a massive change for dealers and buyers alike. Salespeople made commission payouts without much effort, and buyers could buy a car without haggling all day at a dealership. Still, this did lead to one issue: there wasn’t a reliable way to ask a dealer a question about a vehicle. This leads to Chevrolet’s newest product, Chevy Live, and it’s aiming to change the way people buy cars forever.

How does Chevy Live work?

According to Chevrolet, Chevy Live is a live video service allowing buyers to speak to a product specialist about a specific vehicle on demand. Buyers can tour a car through a live interactive video feed, ask questions, and even request specific actions live to see if a vehicle fits their needs. This is done without a two-way camera, meaning the tour guide will not see the buyer taking the tour for 100% privacy. These tours are also complementary, and if a model interests you during a tour, a tour guide can assist in scheduling a test drive with a local dealer.

For example, let’s say you want to buy a new Chevy Trax but don’t have time to go to a dealership. With a Chevy Live appointment, you can view a live tour of the Trax and go in-depth with questions that can’t be answered through traditional online shopping. Even small specifications like upholstery detail differences between trim levels can be shown and explained through Chevy Live without having to scour dealerships to view the differences between models yourself.

Companies like CarMax have proved that people are willing to pay a premium to view a vehicle without being hassled by salespeople. Additionally, the pandemic proved that people are willing to buy a car 100% online. With Chvey Live coming to consumers as a complementary service, that gives car shoppers an in-depth look at a vehicle without a commission salesperson following them around the lot. Therefore, this is bound to be a popular option for Chevrolet.

Is this the way of the future?

Surprisingly, Chevy Live is not the first service of its kind. In fact, Tesla has been doing something similar for years now. Tesla salespeople offer test drives and answer questions about their vehicles, but most of the Tesla buying process is online. With Chevrolet also adopting this process, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this process expand in the future to include full online sales and remote delivery of vehicles from start to finish.

Chevy Live is a glimpse into the future. With technology and connectivity improving every single day in the modern era, it is easy to see that services like Chevy Live will be the norm for the future.

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