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Collisions, crashes, and accidents happen daily in various parts all over the country. That’s why it’s important to keep your vehicles covered, so the insurance agencies will help pay for the repairs to the car. Buying a vehicle, like the Chevrolet Blazer, for example, might be in your budget when car shopping, but what about the price of insuring it? What do you need to know about Chevrolet Blazer Insurance costs, and what can you expect to pay if you’ve recently had an accident? First, let’s look at how an accident affects your rates.

How filing a claim for an accident affects your insurance rates

A silver Chevrolet Blazer with insurance costs.
2022 Chevrolet Blazer | Creative Commons

Every auto insurance company is different in how they work, but you’ll find some agencies raising your insurance rates whenever you’re in an accident. Most of the time, it will be when you’re at fault, but sometimes it can be when you’re not. According to Progressive, others will increase the prices for you if you have a collision with something like an animal that’s beyond your control. 

This is due to your level of risk while on the road. If you had one accident, you’re likely to have another one. That means it will cost the insurance company money to settle your claim and fix your car, so your rates will go up if they feel you’re at risk for another accident. Of course, that won’t always be the case, as some agencies will only raise rates when the total cost of the collision is under a certain amount. 

How many claims you have with your insurance company isn’t the only factor that goes into determining your rates. Agencies will also look at your age, whether you’ve had any traffic-related tickets, your location, and your credit score. 

Insuring your Chevrolet Blazer when you’ve got an accident on record

The first few Chevy Blazer models didn’t have many safety features unless you opted for the higher trims. That means there wouldn’t be very much in the way of safety equipment discounts. For someone with a recent at-fault accident on file, a good driving record, and a good credit score, insurance rates typically would run you $2,753 on average for a 40-year-old driver. 

For someone’s much older than that, say 75 years old, rates would not be cheaper, they would actually increase a bit. In this situation, the driver would pay $3,235 with an accident on record, due to the older age and increased risk on the road, according to CarEdge. A 55-year-old driver with good credit and driving record would pay approximately $2,457. 

If the driver resides in Iowa, the price they usually pay for insurance when they’ve had an accident on record would cost you about $1,761 in premiums, which is one of the lower prices you could pay. For those living in Georgia, a state with high insurance rates for a recent at-fault accident, you can expect to pay around $3,249.

If you plan to buy a 2023 Chevy Blazer, you’ll want to find the best price to insure it based on your personal situation. Since the newer models come with more safety and driver’s assistance features, you might be able to utilize more discounts on your policy.

Chevrolet Blazer insurance costs

For young drivers who have a good driving record, the insurance cost will be quite high, even if they have no accidents and a good credit score. In those situations, the price to insure a Chevy Blazer would be $5,919 (using stats for an 18-year-old driver). If they have a good record but have a poor credit score, the insurance company will likely charge around $10,167. 

For a driver in their 30s, the prices will become less expensive as they prove their driving skills on the road. If the 30-year-old has no accidents and a good driving record but has a bad credit rating, the price will run approximately $3,576 to insure the Blazer. 

The older a driver gets, the less risk they become on the road, which means cheaper rates than what young drivers have to pay. For example, a 55-year-old person with a good record, decent credit rating, and no accidents can expect to pay around $1,673 a year to insure the Blazer. That same person with bad credit, though, would pay about $2,874. 

Budgeting for a new Chevy Blazer purchase should also include the price of insurance. How much you’d pay for your policy will depend on several factors, such as credit score, age, driving record, and whether you’ve had an accident recently. 


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