Check Out The 2022 Acura MDX’s Brand-New Interior

The interior of the current-generation Acura MDX is one of its weakest points. The dual-screen layout with touch controls was poorly received by consumers and reviewers alike. Thankfully, Acura has decided to give us a sneak peek of the 2022 MDX’s interior, and there is plenty to like. Gone are the dual screens, and instead, we find physical buttons. The crown jewel, however, appears to be a digital dashboard, a first for the model. According to Acura, while this is a prototype, it should be close to what we can expect of the 2022 model.

The Acura MDX Prototype will make its official debut on October 14th

Although the sneak preview of the next-gen Acura MDX’s interior is brief, we can decipher quite a bit of useful information from it. The most striking feature is the widescreen display that sits on top of the dashboard. This display should offer touchscreen functionality. The stable gear selecting buttons are making a comeback and sit directly below the A/C controls. Due to the mood lighting in the video and images, it’s hard to make out just how many buttons there are, although there seems to be plenty.

One potential cause for concern sits right below the gear selector. Acura has included what seems to be a trackpad in the MDX. Presumably, the trackpad will aid with the interaction of the infotainment screen, given that it is positioned decently far away from the driver. Lexus utilizes a similar trackpad with little success. Hopefully, Acura has nailed the concept, creating a user-friendly version of the system.

Analog gauges are a thing of the past

The Acura MDX Prototype will make its formal debut on October 14th.
Acura MDX Prototype | Acura

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The analog gauges of the previous generation Acura MDX have thankfully vanished. Given the MDX’s status as a luxury SUV, the lack of a digital display greatly dated the model. The new instrument cluster appears to use a minimalist layout without displaying a distracting amount of information. A horizontal graphic displays the RPMs with speed indicated below.

One thing to note with the digital display is on the left-hand side as the graphic reads “Power Monitor.” This graphic may be Acura giving a small hint that the next generation MDX will include a plug-in hybrid model. Given the popularity of electrified vehicles in the luxury space, it would be a no-brainer. What denies the possibility of it being fully electric is the gas level on the lower right side.

Redesigned seats look better than ever

The Acura MDX Prototype will make its formal debut on October 14th.
Acura MDX Prototype | Acura

While the Acura MDX’s interior has stepped up in terms of technology, the rest of the cabin looks beautifully appointed. The first standout feature of the interior is the three-row design, a carryover from the current model. The stitching on the seats creates a unique pattern that complements the more prominent side bolsters. In the second row, the armrest seems to include cupholders and potentially a set of controls for the rear climate zones.

Although no further specifics have been revealed for the 2022 Acura MDX, the Japanese carmaker is hosting the official unveil for the model online on October 14th. We should expect to see pricing, trim levels, and all the important details revealed this Wednesday.