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It would be hard to find someone who can genuinely say they have zero interest in owning a Lamborghini. However, it’s certainly not hard to find someone who can’t afford to buy one. That begs the question: what is the cheapest Lamborghini one can buy? After all, even on the cheap end of things, it’s still a Lamborghini. You get all that good heritage and pedigree without having to finance the same amount as a decent house in Kansas. Here’s the cheapest Lamborghini currently for sale in the U.S.!

1970 Lamborghini Espada is an underappreciated raging bull

Currently listed for sale on eBay, this 1970 Lamborghini Espada is seemingly the cheapest, properly running and driving Lamborghini currently for sale. It’s got an asking price of $89,500. That would have been enough money to get you a high mileage e-gear Gallardo a few short years ago. However, that ship has since sailed. So now, you’ve got to rock with the classics.

Nothing quite hits the nail on the Lamborghini sales head like using pictures of it outside of Mcdonald’s for your auction listing. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the seller of this Espada has done.

The listing states that the vehicle runs and drives but “would benefit from servicing at this time.” Though it doesn’t get into specifics, even the cheapest Lamborghini is still a Lamborghini. So, there’s a decent chance getting this old Espada up to the task for daily driving might wind up being a bit of a fiscal black hole. Fortunately, the seller is entertaining offers, so there’s a bit of an upside here.

Lamborghini Logo on red car similar to the cheapest example currently for sale, an Espada
Lamborghini Logo on red car | Tim Graham/Getty Images

The listing also has the mileage written as zero, so the true mileage isn’t known, evidently. Additionally, the listing says that the previous owner of this vehicle had it for 40 years, having purchased it in 1980.

Originally, this Espada was green, too. Lamborghini delivered this beauty to its original owner in Rome back in 1970. Back then, it wore a coat of Aqua Verde. Now, it wears a coat of red paint and retains the original black interior. The upholstery isn’t the nicest, either.

Though it isn’t the most hotly traded Lamborghini, the Espada does have its place in the brand’s heritage. Until the Countach, the Espada sat atop Lamborghinis production count as the most-sold car.

How fast does a Lamborghini Espada go?

Under the hood, the Espada has a 3.9-liter V12 engine. According to Autozine, it makes an impressive 350 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque. This gave the Espada a zero to 60 mile per hour sprint time of just 6.5 seconds. While that’s not really a number worth celebrating at this point in time, it was pretty substantial when this car came out 52 years ago.

Ultimately, when it comes to shopping for the cheapest Lamborghini money can buy, you’re going to stumble upon classics like these. However, with the cost of upkeep of a classic V12 and the minimal production numbers likely making parts near impossible to get ahold of, you’d probably best turn your attention elsewhere.

For the cost, it might be worth saving up the extra pennies to get yourself a Gallardo. Alternatively, you might consider a replica like the one below!


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