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Despite how the current truck market might feel, most automakers typically want to find a way to bring the best product to market as cheaply as possible. These days, it feels a little like the opposite. This is, in part, why the return of the Ford Maverick has been met with so much enthusiasm. It is the cheapest new pickup truck for Americans, starting at $22,595. While the price point is enticing, what are we sacrificing by buying the Maverick Hybrid? There are certainly some downsides to the Maverick. However, the cheapest 2023 pickup truck interior is unexpectedly good. 

The 2023 Ford Maverick interior from the side
2023 Ford Maverick interior | Ford

Is the Ford Maverick interior nice? 

Making a cheap pickup truck isn’t hard. However, making a cheap pickup truck that knows how and when to provide value and how and when to mask its cheapness is quite a feat indeed. 

Our very own Allison Barfield reviewed the 2022 Ford Maverick Lariat, which tops the trims. She was impressed with the economy employed in the small truck’s interior design. Despite its size, Barfield said the interior was roomy enough and “well-planned with a simple layout.” We tend to value space more than layout. When done correctly, a smaller space can feel extravagant and large if cleverly laid out. She goes on to mention that although the Ford Maverick leaned heavily on hard plastics, the interior doesn’t feel cheap; it feels tough and durable. Those sound like truck words to me. The plastics also come in various and contrasting dual-colorways that give a sense of quality. 

The Ford Maverick has great interior storage

Our friends over at MotorTrend bought the mid-tier Maverick XLT trim. One of the main interior features the testers were stoked about was the array of clever storage areas throughout the cab of the Maverick. 

Before getting to the unique storage, we first have to talk about the main tray. The Maverick has regular cup holders and a front tray. However, part of the normal tray meant for keys, sunglasses, wallets, and phones, also has a narrower, angled slot molded to hold your phone upright so you can still see the screen. While this slot and another rectangular impression in the fun bright-orange tray might look like wireless charging pads, they aren’t – the Maverick ain’t got it like that unless you get a specific optional package for the top-spec Lariat trim. There are even instructions for the more DIY-minded owners to 3D print their own mounting fixtures for the interior.

Aside from these small item storage units, the rest of the truck is littered with storage compartments. There is a spacious center console storage box, side boxes, and a large compartment underneath the rear seats. You can even fit a whole bike in the rear of the cabin. The rear door handles act as a surface that will keep your bike upright. This requires the front wheel to be removed from the bike. 

Are the Ford Maverick seats comfortable? 

Despite the price point, our review of the Maverick showed surprisingly comfortable seats with highly-adjustable seat controls. However, most reviews mention that a full cabin of people over six feet tall might get a tad uncomfortable. Whatever; having big friends is a big truck activity. 

What tech does the Ford Maverick have? 

Even if you don’t want to spring for the Lariat trim, you can get the Luxury package in the XLT trim. This option makes the cheapest 2023 pickup truck interior a proper truck interior. Features include heated seats, a heated steering wheel, automatic headlights, power controls for the driver’s seat, power outlets in the rear, Lane-Keep Assist, a de-icing element for the windshield wipers, and a self-quieting AC/heat fan for when you answer a call using Bluetooth. 

That said, tech lovers aren’t likely to be pleased with the Ford infotainment system and its tiny screen. Due to its compactness, it can’t support wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. This infotainment also doesn’t have SatNav. Again, the only way around this is by paying for the Lariat trim with options. This seems to be the low point of the Ford Maverick interior. 

The Cheapest 2023 pickup truck interior is unexpectedly good

Cheap cars often have cheap interiors. This is common enough to be considered true. However, the Maverick interior is well-designed, intentional, considered, and even comfortable. This is achieved through thoughtfulness, not expensive materials or buzzy tech. Other car makers could learn from the Maverick’s plucky interior.