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By this point, most people know that if you’re looking for the best used cars, you should consider a certified pre-owned model. Not only is there typically a large selection, but these cars are more reliable and have more of a backing from the dealer. Vehicles are expensive, and buying certified pre-owned cars is a way to ensure you get your money’s worth instead of driving off in a lemon. 

Certified pre owned programs offer the best used cars and have many pros

Certified pre-owned cars first became a thing when luxury automakers saw a need for the program. Of course, automakers like Toyota started their own programs to assist used car buyers in finding the best options. Essentially, a certified pre-owned car is one that used buyers can trust more than regular used cars. 

Certified pre owned cars undergo inspections

CPO cars are the best
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Of course, there are ways buyers can go about ensuring that any used car is what they need. However, the process still allows for people to drive away in a clunker. However, investing in a certified pre-owned car means that the vehicle in question has undergone a multipoint inspection. This means that buyers have much more peace of mind that their new car meets the manufacturer’s standards. 

They have a limited warranty

In most cases, even the best used cars don’t have warranties. This means that buyers are on the hook for anything that goes wrong with their newly purchased car. However, people who go for certified pre-owned models have this coverage in a limited capacity. Interested buyers may even be able to buy extended warranties, which is a practice that can be controversial. 

They have perks

According to Car and Driver, certified pre-owned programs usually come with perks such as roadside assistance for a specified amount of time. Some CPO programs even include perks such as trip protection and concierge services. However, these are often reserved for luxury vehicles. 

Cons of CPO models

As with anything, there are cons to buying certified used cars. Naturally, the biggest drawback would be the cost. They can be anywhere from 1.8% more expensive than some of the best used cars that aren’t CPO to about 3.5% more costly. The price difference is even more significant for luxury cars. This also means budget-conscious buyers may be out of luck.

Selection can be another con. Of course, there are numerous options that quality for certified pre-owned models. However, those looking for older vehicles or certain sports cars may be out of look. However, the average buyer will be fine with the number of options they can pick from. Overall, the good outweighs the bad for most drivers when it comes to certified pre-owned models.