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The 2023 Toyota Crown is the newest full-size sedan offering from the Japanese automaker. It’s big, comfortable, and it drives very well. And while it does look like a crossover, it’s not. The Crown does ride a little higher than its Camry stablemate, and it has a fastback silhouette, but don’t be fooled. This large sedan has a regular trunk. It’s a big one, so I decided to see how much stuff I could fit in it.

How much cargo room for the 2023 Toyota Crown have?

The 2023 Toyota Crown is a full-size sedan that has 15.2 cubic feet of cargo space. But what does that mean? I set out to see how much stuff I could put in the car’s trunk to test what number truly represents. For my real-world test, I gathered a carry-on suitcase, a backpack, a duffle bag, a couple of blue bins, and a box to put into the car.

Surprisingly, everything fit really well. The Crown’s cavernous trunk and fold-down rear seatback allow for enough stuff to fit in case you need to move apartments, go on a week-long vacation, or carry a few golf bags for tee time with friends.

In comparison, the Supra that I tested earlier this month had 10 cubic feet of space, which was enough for the duffle bag, backpack, and suitcase. Also, the Corolla has 13.1 cubic feet of space, and the 2023 Prius has 23.8 cubic feet. So those models are very practical as well.

Additionally, when the rear seat back is folded up, there is plenty of room for three adults or two car seats. My 5-foot, 8-inch stature fits well in every seat, and I suspect that anyone over six feet tall can fit back there without any complaints.

The Toyota Crown’s trunk lacks a handy feature for grocery shopping

Despite the Toyota Crown’s large amount of trunk space, it lacks any grocery bag hooks. It’s surprising, considering the Supra had them, but at least the all-weather cargo mat held my grocery bags still while in transit. Otherwise, I suspect that I would have opened the trunk to a bunch of spilled goods and cracked eggs when arriving home.

Speaking of the trunk, there are three different ways to open it. There’s a button on the dashboard, the remote key fob, and under the trunk lid. However, the one under the trunk lid is camouflaged well with a piece of plastic trim, so finding it at first could be confusing.

This full-size sedan could be a decent alternative to an SUV

2023 Toyota Crown full-size sedan with the rear seat folded down and a box and blue bin sitting on top.
2023 Toyota Crown | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Although we live in a time when the SUV reigns supreme, the 2023 Toyota Crown could be a worthwhile alternative. Its large trunk space is very practical, and there’s plenty of space in the cabin for five people. Unless you really need the utility and vertical space of an SUV, I recommend checking out a full-size sedan as a unique option.