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When testing sports cars, I typically make sure to note their practicality and fuel efficiency. Of course, I’m fully aware that most people shopping for a sports car couldn’t care less about the type of fuel efficiency it gets and aren’t looking to make a cross-country trip. But what about the people that do care?

In that case, I decided to see how the 2023 Toyota Supra would do when it came to weekend getaway practicality. Surprisingly, it did well.

How much stuff can you fit in a 2023 Toyota Supra?

Suitcases outside the 2023 Toyota Supra
2023 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

You can fit more than you think in a 2023 Toyota Supra. Its trunk area measures 10.2 cubic feet, which might sound small. But what do those numbers mean? In comparison, the 2023 Corolla’s trunk measures 13.1 cubic feet, the Toyota Camry’s is 15.8, and the minuscule Mazda Miata’s trunk is 4.59 cubic feet. Now that you have a mental image of how decently sized the Supra’s trunk is, you’ll be surprised at how much 10.2 cubic feet can actually hold.

To test the trunk, I enlisted the help of a standard-size carry-on suitcase, a medium-sized duffle bag, a carry-on roller bag, and a big backpack. Before I started my testing, I hypothesized that only the backpack and carry-on suitcase would fit in the trunk. Surprisingly, I was wrong.

I could neatly fit the suitcase, duffel bag, and backpack in the Supra’s trunk. However, I had to put the roller bag on the passenger seat. Although, I suspect that if I had taken the cargo cover out, I probably could have fit all four bags in, with one resting on the speakers. Either way, it’s safe to say that the Supra is a good car for a weekend road trip – provided no one has a giant suitcase.

A packed trunk in the 2023 Toyota Supra
2023 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

The Toyota Supra passes the grocery store shopping test as well

The Toyota Supra’s trunk isn’t only good for suitcases; it swallows shopping bags as well. After a quick trip to the grocery store, I could fit four full bags of stuff in the trunk. I know that it doesn’t sound impressive. But what’s more impressive is that there are shopping bag hooks back there. I was able to hang all of my grocery bags on the hooks without having to worry about the eggs getting trampled by the heavier stuff.

The hooks even held well during hard cornering and hard acceleration pulls on the way home. Even more impressive is that there was more space in the trunk to put other stuff in it as well. My only gripe is that the trunk can only be opened by the remote or the button on the driver’s side door. That means if you’re walking up to the rear of the car with bags in your hands, you have to take the remote out of your pocket or purse. Yes, I know this is nitpicky, but Toyota could have put a button on the trunk lid to make it easier.

The trunk area with shopping bags
2023 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

The Supra is more pragmatic than you think

A suitcase in the front seat area in the 2023 Toyota Supra
2023 Toyota Supra | Joe Santos, MotorBiscuit

Although the Toyota Supra is one of the most venerable sports cars in the market, that doesn’t mean it’s impractical. It’s easy to drive, fast, it looks cool, and it’s more practical than you think. It may not be the best road trip car to pick, but I wouldn’t hesitate to drive a Supra across the country.


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