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Every SUV has its ups and downs, including luxury options. While I have plenty of good things to say about the BMW X2 xDrive28i, it’s not free of potential complaints. Check out the top three 2024 BMX X2 problems. 

Three potential 2024 BMX X2 problems 

First, for a little context, I spent a week with the 2024 BMW X2 xDrive28i model with the $2,000 M Sport package. With a few other tech and convenience packages tacked on, the suggested MSRP for this model is $42,000. 

I wouldn’t have guessed that it was the entry-level model because it has an amazing interior, it is comfortable, and engaging. It’s a good place to spend time. However, it’s not perfect and there are three things you need to think about. 

1. The BMW X2 rear seat isn’t up to pair 

I admire the BMW X2 for providing rear passengers with USB ports to keep devices charged and rear air vents for comfort, it drops the ball. 

At 5’1” the rear seat felt cramped. My knees almost hit the back of the passenger seat in front of me. I felt like I couldn’t stretch out. Kids don’t stay shorter than me for very long, meaning this might not be the best family option. 

Also, the backseat has a relaxed backrest angle to enjoy. But unfortunately, the seats are stiff and hard to get comfortable with. They don’t match the welcoming comfort of the front seats at all. 

2. Upgrades make the X2 slower 

The 2024 BMW X2 is confident, comfortable, and easy to drive, but it’s less athletic than before. With the available turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine you get 312 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. That’s a decrease of 37 torque. 

Plus, the X2 is heavier than before, making it seem sluggish compared to the outgoing model. According to BMW, the base model can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.2 seconds. 

I don’t have a race track to test this estimate, but the BMW XM felt a little slower than that with an underwhelming acceleration. But the standard engine is reduced to 241 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. 

3. The tech is frustrating 

The last item on my list of potential 2024 BMW X2 complaints includes the tech. Everything is controlled by the 10.7-inch touchscreen which is placed flush against the 10.3 digital instrument panel. 

Using the touchscreen to change drive modes, adjust the radio, and use the climate control system is distracting. The menus are confusing and seem to have more steps than necessary. 

Also, sometimes the touchscreen failed to respond to my finger taps, making me give up on closing the message about only using the infotainment system when it’s safe. 

Taking time to learn the system helps, and customizing the head-up display is surprisingly simple. But the camera views are a little pixelated. 

Te X2 can park itself and back out of space for you, which is convenient. But the X2 is small enough to move around obstacles without worry and parking yourself is a much faster process. 

Last but not least, the X2 has the best interior ambient lighting setup I’ve ever seen. It’s vibrant and extends around the wireless charging pad. The colors correspond to your driving mode to provide the right vibes too. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming article about what the 2024 BMX X2 gets right.