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Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, better known as rap sensation Cardi B, has a fabulous collection of world-class supercars and luxury vehicles. Subtlety has no place in her garage; from drop-top Spiders to an explosively powerful Lamborghini Urus, her collection is a stunning gathering of striking style and opulence. However, the famous rapper can’t actually drive any of her high-dollar cars. 

Cardi B’s collection is loaded with supercars and luxury SUVs

A Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, like the one in Cardi B's collection, shows off its rear-end styling.
Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster | Lamborghini

Cardi B has everything from an obscenely pricey Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster to a boxy Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Make and modelApproximate value
Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster$548,736
McLaren 720S Spider$315,000
Porsche 911 GT3 RS$190,000
Rolls-Royce Cullinan$325,000
Lamborghini Urus$203,995

Each of Almánzar Cephus’ cars has an eye-watering price tag. What’s more, nothing in her public-facing collection has fewer than 500 horsepower on tap. You can tell she’s particular about her vehicles. However, she didn’t buy all her rides; her estranged husband, rapper Offset, bought her the Lamborghini Urus. Of course, it wasn’t a one-way gift exchange. She bought him many exotic cars as well, including a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. 

Cardi B can’t legally drive any of her world-class cars

Despite her epic collection of cars, Cardi B doesn’t have a driver’s license. The sad byproduct of that detail is the inactivity of her spectacular rides. In a tragic situation, her supercars remain motionless, like a caged jungle cat.

In fact, the superstar rapper is considering letting go of her collection, per Supercar Blondie. She claims that the cars are just sitting around gathering dust. It’s a shame, too; each car in her collection, especially her supercars, deserves a steady diet of pristine pavement and tire squeal.

She isn’t the only celeb without a license

Cardi B isn’t the only star celeb without the impetus to drive; many famous personalities just don’t want– or can’t legally– drive. 

Frankly, some celebrities just don’t care about cars. Ricky Gervais, for instance, proudly told People Magazine that he hasn’t “bought a flash car.” What’s more, the British comedian doesn’t drive at all. They aren’t the only ones, either; Tina Fey, Kate Beckinsale, and even Barbara Streisand admit they won’t drive. 

Still, with a collection like this, the temptation to get licensed and hit the road has to be real.


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