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It’s happened. The unthinkable. You were in a car accident and the insurance company totaled your ride. It’s especially terrible if you love your car and aren’t ready to part with it after a total loss. Well, you have options when your insurance provider classifies your car totaled. 

You don’t have to lose your beloved car after your insurance company totals it

After an accident, your insurance company will make a decision. The first option, depending on the condition of your vehicle and its value, will be to make the necessary repairs. That option is more likely for a less kinetic crash involving a vehicle valued at more than the cost of repair.

Another option, however, is that your insurance provider will deem your car totaled. Depending on the specifics and your level of coverage, the provider will pay you an amount for your car. Consequently, the amount of your total loss payout for your totaled car will depend on several factors. For instance, if you owe anything on the vehicle, you will receive less of a payout. Moreover, if the amount owed on your totaled car is greater than its value, you may be on the hook for the remainder, per Progressive

This BMW is a total loss following an intense crash.
A BMW is totaled in an accident | Joan Slatkin/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Still, you have options if you don’t want to lose your car. Your best bet to retain your beloved car, truck, or SUV is to buy it back. For starters, you should talk to your insurance company and inform them that you want to buy back your totaled car. Of course, we can only recommend this option if you have the money to fix your car and don’t mind a rebuilt title.

Next, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the specifics. Will your provider allow you to buy it back? Or will you need to buy it at auction? These are things you’ll need to know to get your ride.

Bear in mind, vehicles can conceal damage and issues beyond the obvious. Unibody cars transfer much of the impact in an accident to promote passenger safety. As such, a car will never be the same as it was from the factory after it’s totaled. But, if you’re okay with the altered title status and potential issues, you can typically buy your ride back.