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We certainly do not condone car theft under any circumstances (well, unless you have to do it to save the world or something else cool like that). However, stealing cars is a fairly bold profession, but stealing them from the factory is a whole other level of bold. That’s exactly what happened this weekend at Ford‘s Flat Rock plant. Thieves stole four brand-new Ford Mustang GT500s from the factory right under Ford’s nose. This heist feels almost like something out of a movie. 

2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage edition shown here in Brittany Blue with white racing stripes
2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition | Ford

How did four Ford Mustang GT500s get stolen from the factory? 

According to Michigan’s News-Herald, the thieves got to their shady work just before 11 pm, Sunday night. Authorities say there was no footage captured of the heist but that the car thieves left a trail of bread crumbs to their exit, which was them plowing through the main gate to escape. 

These car thieves seem to have busted out with the loot without leaving many clues to their whereabouts. 

Two of the Mustang GT500s are still out there

2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in exclusive "Code Orange" paint color
2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in “Code Orange” paint | Ford

Local authorities found two of the Ford Mustang GT500s shortly after the event. “​​Shortly after the theft, two of the stolen vehicles were recovered on I-75 in Brownstown Township and the city of Southgate, including one with heavy front-end damage. Both vehicles were unoccupied.” 

See, now we are starting to get a better picture of the heist. The two discarded GT500s were likely part of the gate bashing that allowed the thieves to escape. It would seem that they planned to steal at least of the Mustangs just to act as their battering ram. Once the Mustang did its brutish work, the thieves ditched it to cut off the trail of bread crumbs. That is one badass battering ram

How hard is it to find a stolen car? 

Most folks who have been victims of car theft will tell you; it is pretty tough to find a stolen car. But this situation is even more difficult for a few reasons. The remaining two stolen Ford Mustang GT500s won’t likely be found. 

The only description of the two cars is that they are both finished in “Belladonna Black,” which isn’t even a color Mustang GT500s come in. More importantly, good luck spotting a black variant on the most powerful Mustang in the market. 

Does Ford need new security? 

As Jalopnik points out, at first, you might think, “Man! These people must be criminal masterminds.” But a quick look at the plant’s surrounding area makes the theft make a little more sense.

If you look at a google street view of the factory, you’ll see a place that is not nearly as secure as one might think. Clearly, the security gate isn’t all that, but the photos of the perimeter show an easy mark. Hell, in 2017, two other folks slipped through the gate and made off with two Mustangs. I mean, come on, guys. Maybe it’s time to spice up the security at the Ford plant. 


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