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I’ll never forget one of my early birthdays. They were repaving the road in front of my house, so I got to spend the birthday on the porch, watching the big trucks and other machinery work. A Tennessee mom and a local car club conspired to create similar magic for her son’s eighth birthday.

Mikayla Freeman was preparing for her son Tristan’s party and posted to a local car club’s Facebook page, asking if any enthusiasts would be willing to drive by. She explained, “My son’s 8th birthday is Sunday, he’s a MAJOR car guy.” 

The Nashville-area car community went above and beyond. On Tristan’s birthday, dozens of classic cars, exotic cars, and lifted 4WD trucks parked in a nearby lot and recorded a video message for Tristan. Then the drivers lined up and paraded by the boy’s house. Many even brought balloons or other presents for him. Tristan went from gleeful, to speechless, then back again.

A woman holds a "happy birthday" sign atop a red Porsche during a parade.
Porsche in parade | Crazy Car Chik via YouTube

In total, 83 cars paraded by. Before the parade, Tristan said his favorite cars were Challenger Hellcats and McLarens. And he was treated to seeing both those models. But during the parade a Jeep on air suspension took his breath away. When a first-gen Miata flipped its headlights up and down he shouted, “I like your car!” One driver even let Tristan sit in their car and rev the engine.

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