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Imagine for a moment you’re taking a winding drive through the rolling Green Mountains of Vermont. You pass through the quaint village of Waterbury and just outside of town discover 800 classic cars parked in a field. They range from prewar classics to muscle cars to a row of Army Jeeps. The owners are inviting, excited to chat with you, and many of them belong to the same car club. You’ve stumbled on the Vermont Antique & Classic Car Meet: America’s most wholesome auto show.

The Vermont Antique & Classic Car Meet in Waterbury VT

The Vermont Auto Enthusiasts is the state’s largest classic and antique car club. It was founded back in 1953 and has been growing ever since. Today it includes over 450 members who drive all manner of classic cars, from every era imaginable.

A tree-lined road leading to Vermont Antique & Classic Car Meet
Vermont road | Chad Madden via Unsplash

The club pairs most of its meetings with a scenic drive. It raises scholarships for young folks attending technical schools. And it hosts an annual auto show: the Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet.

The club holds its annual classic car meet over a single weekend in mid-August. You can find it on U.S. Route 2, in “Farr’s Field” just two miles west of Waterbury, VT. 2022 will be this car meet’s 65th year.

What makes this classic car show special?

Today, most large classic car shows are sponsored by an OEM or aftermarket supplier. The Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet is one of the largest independent car shows left. Check out some bird’s eye footage of the show below:

Some years, as many as 800 classic cars and antiques register for the event. Many owners drive their classic cars to the meet and park them in the regular parking lot. The resulting event is the size of a small county fair. It includes food booths, a flea market full of vendor stalls, and row upon row of classic and antique cars.

The Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet includes a Friday evening parade, through local villages and across scenic covered bridges. It also includes a series of awards for various classes of collectible cars on Sunday afternoon.

All proceeds from the meet go to the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts scholarship fund.

Why is this VT car meet sometimes called the Stowe car show?

Some enthusiasts refer to the Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet as the Stowe car show. This can be confusing, but the simple truth is that the meet was held in nearby Stowe Village for years. But eventually the meet outgrew Stowe and now you can find it a couple miles away in Farr’s Field. Learn about the location change in the video below:

Even with the location change, countless enthusiasts find their way to the Vermont Antique and Classic Car Meet each year. It certainly doesn’t hurt attendance that finding your way to America’s most wholesome car show requires a scenic drive through Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Classic car shows are a fantastic event for the entire family. Auto enthusiasts of all ages love watching a classic car parade, prize ceremony, or just chatting with proud owners of antique cars. Watch the car show parade through Waterbury, Vermont in the video below:

And here’s why you should consider a Cars & Coffee show:


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