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As I remember seventh grade, my biggest problems were finding cool sneakers that didn’t mark up the gym floor and who I was going to invite to the school dance. But Michigan 13-year-old Dillon Reeves had a very different seventh grade year.

He was riding home on the school bus when his bus driver reached for the radio and said, “I’m feeling really dizzy and I have to pull over.” Then, before she could pull over, she feinted–with her foot still on the accelerator.

The red stop sign on the side of a yellow school bus.
School bus stop sign | Robin Jonathan Deutsch via Unsplash

Reeves watched as both the driver’s hands fell off the wheel of the still moving bus. The quick-thinking 13-year-old leapt to his feet and sprinted to the front of the bus. From the aisle, he was able to reach a foot under the driver and stamp on the brakes, bringing the bus to a complete stop.

Other students on the bus screamed and shouted. But Reeves waited until they calmed down and yelled, “Someone call 911, now.

Officials say the driver, “became lightheaded and lost consciousness.” The fire department’s EMTs arrived soon to attend to the driver. Meanwhile, another bus driver from Reeves’ school district picked up the students to bring them home.

You can see the bus security camera footage of the incident in the video below:

Reeves is a student at the Lois E. Carter Middle School in Warren, which is 20 miles north of Detroit. His district Superintendent held a ceremony to give Reeves an award, “in recognition of your quick thinking and bravery.”

The Superintendent didn’t mince words, saying “I am so proud of Dillon,” and pointing out Reeves “stopped a 15,000-pound school bus with 65 children on it.” He called the deed, “Just cool, calm, quick thinking under pressure.”

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