Can Jeep’s New E-Bike Get You to Where Its SUVs Cannot?

What has fat tires, no doors, and can get you almost anywhere a regular passenger cannot? Sure, a Jeep Wrangler would be a likely answer, but Jeep’s new e-bike is even more fitting as it can tear through the most narrow trails that even most Jeep SUVs can’t go. Electric bikes have been a popular choice since the pandemic hit a few months ago, so it’s not too much of a surprise that Jeep put its hat into the two-wheeled ring. We reported on the Jeep E-bike when it was first announced back in March, but the brand just announced that it will start shipping soon.  

The Jeep E-bike is very powerful

The Jeep E-bike isn’t exactly manufactured by the brand, but it is a product of a brand partnership between the American SUV company and QuietKat, a renowned e-bike retailer. Of course, the 2020 Jeep E-bike wouldn’t be backed by the formidable brand if it weren’t powerful enough to climb almost any hill. As such, what makes this bike unique is its robust motor that’s able to churn out 1,500 watts of peak power.

In case you’re wondering, that’s 160 Nm (118 lb-ft) of torque, which is an insane amount of power to traverse the steepest of inclines. In fact, QuietKat even released a new promo video showcase the e-bikes uneven terrain talents:

What are the other specs on the Jeep E-bike?

Jeep e-bike
Jeep E-bike | QuietKat

Mountain-goat-like power aside, Jeep’s new E-bike also has some other extreme specs that set it apart from the rest. The motor is capable of producing 750 watts of continuous power – which is much more than the typical 250-watt motors found on most e-bikes – and is fed power by a 1.5-kWh battery pack that also affords the bike up to 40 miles of all-electric range. That battery pack is stored in the all-aluminum frame that’s taken from the brand’s existing Ridgerunner bike.

Other specifications include a Firelink full-suspension setup that consists of dual 150mm air suspension front shocks and a RockShox Monarch RL rear shock out back to provide some extra dampening over jumps and bumps. Connecting the bike to terra firma is a set of 4.8-inch wide fat tires that are much fatter than those found on the usual e-bikes, however, they look right at home with a bike branded by Jeep. And if you need even more assistance with climbing hills, then the E-bike’s 10-speed drivetrain should do the trick while the 4-piston disc brakes assist with stopping power when cruising downhill.

Jeep's new e-bike
Jeep E-bike | QuietKat

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The Jeep E-bike will ship soon

The Jeep E-bike comes in either a 17-inch or 19-inch frame size and can support up to 300 pounds. And while this e-bike is much pricier than others like those from Pedego or Lectric, the Jeep E-bike is much more rugged and offers a unique set of features that can tackle just about any obstacle. Those fortunate enough to afford the $5,899 starting price for the Jeep E-bike will be happy to know that the bikes should be shipping out by next week.