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Is it just me, or are things like this happening all too often these days? It seems like every other week that someone is doing something horrifying with a gun. If the unhinged lady with a gun isn’t bad enough, the impact on traffic was enough to drive even more people crazy. While we still don’t know why this wild event happened, it sure was quite the spectacle. 

A naked woman with a gun stops traffic on a bridge

According to NBC Bay Area, California Highway Patrol said on Tuesday around 4:30 P.M., reports of a reckless driver started coming in. The reports were of a Chevy Cobalt driving erratically toward the toll plaza of the Bay Bridge in San Fransico, California. 

At one point, the woman driving the Cobalt got out of the car on the highway with a knife. The woman was reportedly yelling at cars and waving her blade at them. She then got back into the Chevy Cobalt and drives towards the toll plaza. The highway became a parking lot when the woman stopped her car again, but this time stepped wearing nothing but her skin. The naked woman also had traded in her knife for a gun. She began firing the gun into the air. 

The really scary part is that the police say that she even began firing the gun at other cars stuck in the bridge traffic. It took local police over an hour and a half to secure the woman. She was then taken to the hospital for evaluation. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. 

This isn’t the first time this week a San Francisco bridge was shut down

The naked lady incident comes only days after another bridge closure in the Bay area. A man rode his bicycle onto the Richmond San Rafale bridge. The bridge stayed closed for 19 hours while the police handled the situation. 

Is traffic getting worse? 

Traffic has gotten worse all over the country.
Traffic | Getty Images

No, it’s not just in your head; traffic is getting worse across the nation. Most major cities in the U.S. saw slower travel times starting in 2022. Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis saw the worst traffic delays of any other city in 2022. KBB says that the SatNav company TomTom (who knew they were still a thing?) shared its finding with KBB. The study showed that, on average, these two cities took at least a minute and a half longer to travel 6.2 miles than other cities. 

Part of this growing traffic issue is that many people returned to the office, making rush hours a thing again. There is also another stranger factor at work. While nothing more than anecdotal evidence, these two bridge stories happened within days of each other. I feel certain that these probably also weren’t the only stories this week about someone struggling with mental health or some other sort of internal or external pressure and creating traffic issues. 

Ever since COVID, multiple studies have shown that we aren’t doing so good. Drivers are more distracted thanks to smartphones and infotainment technology. Our brains are fried from looking at screens all day, so by the time we drive, we struggle to focus. This is called a “Zoom Zombie.” We are also getting angrier behind the wheel as violent road rage has also increased. Car thefts are still high, and lastly, violent carjackings are getting more frequent and are perpetrated by younger people. At the risk of poorly coopting the youth’s language, the vibes are off, and we are seeing it proliferate into increased traffic.