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It isn’t a secret that many buyers want to get the new Land Cruiser as soon as possible. However, Toyota Japan issued a statement reminding buyers that the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser cannot be re-sold immediately. What is the point of such a statement? Toyota doesn’t want the Land Cruiser falling into the wrong hands.

Buying a 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser in Japan

Don't sell your 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser
Don’t sell your 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

Buyers in Japan who will be able to purchase the vehicle have been issued a warning from Toyota. Initially, orders for the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser were suspended last week due to safety concerns. Toyota was worried that many of the orders were going to be resold and exported once delivered.

Due to the Foreign Exchange Law, Toyota was concerned that the Toyota Land Cruiser would fall into the wrong hands. This, presumably, could tarnish the reputation of the beloved Land Cruiser and Toyota. After July 25th, Toyota issued a warning for those planning on flipping the vehicle for resale in a prohibited country.

Don’t even think about flipping your 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

In a statement to Mag X, the Toyota Public Relations department issued a statement. The statement is lengthy but notes that Toyota is concerned that the Land Cruisers will immediately flow from Japan to overseas areas where “security is regulated.”

“If a Toyota dealer is accused of being involved in a violation of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law (Foreign Exchange Law) and is subject to investigation, not only the Toyota dealer but all Toyota dealers will be investigated. We recognize that this will be a major problem for dealers and Toyota Motor Corporation.”


With that, Toyota is asking each buyer to pledge compliance with these regulations. “This kind of response is based on the recent world situation and the characteristics of the Land Cruiser vehicle, so we believe that it does not violate the Antimonopoly Act.” Additionally, this means the dealership can be held liable for selling the vehicle.

What does all of this mean?

Toyota is asking that buyers explicitly agree that these Land Cruiser vehicles will not be immediately resold and end up participating in unsavory acts around the globe. The Foreign Trade Law is long and complicated, but the brand is trying to get out in front of bad press. Is this remotely enforceable? Probably not.

So if you planned on purchasing the new Land Cruiser and flipping it immediately, your plans have officially been foiled. However, it seems this agreement only lasts for 12 months. So enjoy your Land Cruiser for a year and flip away. Everyone knows Land Cruisers last for decades anyway. In fact, these vehicles like to run for more than 200,000 miles.

If you have a new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser on order, get to pledging. There are over 20,000 pre-orders for the vehicle currently. That’s a lot of potential vehicles getting flown around the globe. However, feel free to hit us up after 12 months and one day so we can ship one to Florida.


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