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The Toyota Land Cruiser is a favorite for many. From Toyota enthusiasts, SUV-lovers, off-roading fans, and everyone in between, the Land Cruiser is it. If you are in the market for a high-mileage Land Cruiser, check out the tips below to find your perfect vehicle.

Do your Toyota Land Cruiser research

A 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser jumping sand hills
The new 1970 model of the Toyota Landcruiser | George Lipman/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

iSeeCars ranked 11.8 million cars sold in 2020 that had more than 200,000 miles on the chassis. The number one spot went to the Land Cruiser with 16.3%. That’s an incredible amount of LC’s on the road with a lot of miles.

Since it has been around so long, there are a large variety of Cruisers up for sale. That also means that prices can vary widely because people want one version over another.

It is a good idea to check used resale sites to see what others are paying. Kelley Blue Book, AutoTrader, and Edmunds are a good place to start. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes five recalls on the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser, but none on the 2019 and newer.

There are so many different Land Cruisers on the market, researching ahead of time will pay off. Some of the 1980’s versions are still having adventures off-road, but that’s because the owners took excellent care of the SUV.

Get an inspection

Since there are so many types of Land Cruisers on the road, getting an inspection is a good idea. You can take your future vehicle to an authorized Toyota dealer or a trusted mechanic for an inspection.

The mechanic will check for rust, wear and tear on the suspension, leaks, and many other factors that could influence your decision. It is also a good idea to take it on an extended test drive.

You can feel the transmission and four-wheel-drive system if you take it off-road a bit. Check for strange lights on the dashboard and press all of the buttons just in case.

In addition, ask for maintenance records. Depending on how many miles your future SUV has, this can make or break the situation. A responsible owner that keeps track of maintenance will likely be a good person to buy from.

If there is no record of maintenance, there is a good chance the SUV has not been well cared for. 200,000-miles is not a huge milestone if it has been meticulously maintained. Run a compression test to see how it performs.

Don’t be afraid of the 100,000 mile mark

Land Cruisers were meant to be used for extended periods of time. 100,000 miles might seem like a lot on another vehicle, but that is nothing for the LC. There are many great vehicles out there for a reasonable price that have been well maintained, so don’t let the 100k label scare you away.

If you are willing to spend the money to keep up with maintenance, there is no reason your Land Cruiser can’t last into the 300,000s. You can replace the starter and be on your way.

Part of the fun of owning such a reliable SUV is spending a lot of time with it. Don’t be afraid to replace or upgrade parts that might need it. It will only benefit you in the long run.

Your final tip: buy the Toyota Land Cruiser!


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