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The new 2022 Mercedes S 680 GUARD debuted recently, and it offers passengers extra security. The Mercedes S-Class GUARD is a fully-armored sedan able to withstand fire from an assault rifle using armor-piercing ammunition. The new armored Mercedes is not just another vehicle on the road, that’s for sure.

What features does the Mercedes S 680 GUARD offer?

The new 2022 Mercedes S 680 GUARD is an armored S-Class
The 2022 Mercedes S 680 GUARD 4MATIC | Daimler

The Mercedes S 680 GUARD offers a lot of bulletproof surfaces. Mercedes suggests the armored S-Class is read for state and business leaders “when they entrust their lives to the new special protection version of the luxury model.” The S 680 GUARD meets the highest level of ballistic testing for a civilian vehicle. The sedan is also explosive resistant.

The S 680 GUARD received a certification from the Beschussamt Ulm (ballistic testing authority). This involved using “biofidelic dummies” that imitate the human body. That sounds incredibly intense and scary, but good job on the testing, Mercedes.

To start, the S 680 GUARD begins at around $529,900 (€457,100). Worth every penny if you are concerned with ballistics threats. The GUARD was premiered at the IAA Mobility Munich this year.

More on the ballistics features of the Mercedes S 680 GUARD

Bulletproof S-Class: 2022 Mercedes S 680 GUARD Is Still a Luxury Sedan
Mercedes-Benz S 680 GUARD | Daimler

Mercedes-Benz has been making armored vehicles since 1928, over 90 years at this point. Dirk Fetzer, head of product management of the S-Class, says that’s what sets the brand apart. The GUARD has something called the integrated protection system (iSS) that makes the sedan (and passengers) even more protected.

“The S 680 GUARD 4MATIC is one of the most customer-oriented products from Mercedes-Benz. That is because this special protection model focuses on people and their safety,”

Dirk Fetzer | Head of Product Management S-Class

Mercedes says that the old bodyshell had protective materials integrated, the automaker now makes a GUARD-specific bodyshell. The cell, which Mercedes calls “self-supporting,” is a significant part of the iSS. The exterior shell is made of protective and inconspicuous aluminum.

The windows are considered an integral and essential part of the protection offered by the Mercedes S 680 GUARD. The material and thickness of the glass, combined with the multi-layer “sandwich” design, meets VR 10 safety standards. VPAM BRV version three (Bullet Resistant Vehicles), must resist fire from an assault rifle using armor-piercing ammo. It also met the requirements of Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). The automaker coated the inside of the glass with polycarbonate to prevent splintering. This, like the aluminum shell, is inconspicuous and not noticeable.

What about the windows on the armoured vehicle?


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Mercedes put the S-Class GUARD through several tests to prove it was safe enough for these classifications. Even the doors have newly developed door actuators to make sure occupants can get out. Each window has a hydraulic opener that has an independent operating unit to open and close the window.

An automatic triggering function for an emergency fresh air system is included, plus sirens, flashing lights, radios, and a panic system. Michelin PAX run-flat tires are also standard and can travel almost 20 miles with impact. In conclusion, the GUARD is about as safe as it gets. Even if you did run into one of these on the streets, you probably would not know it.