Armored Lincoln Navigator is a Panic Room on Wheels

Increasing instability around the world has changed the armored vehicle market. It is no longer about meeting the protection needs of heads of states or their diplomats. Now, anybody with a high net worth is a target for dangerous activity. So, the armored vehicle market has been broadening to meet individuals’ needs, not just government or law enforcement agencies. That happens to be the area that Inkas Armorer Vehicle Manufacturing specializes in. And, just recently, they launched a new armored 2020 Lincoln Navigator L package for those who seek panic room protection in luxurious comfort

Don’t try this at home

A view at the front driver's side of a black 2020 Lincoln Navigator L that has been armored.
An armored 2020 Lincoln Navigator L from Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing | Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

Some have suggested that armored vehicles are a farce. The suggestion is that nothing can stop bullets or grenades from penetrating a vehicle. But, if there is ever any doubt of what an armored vehicle can do for protection, a quick search of Youtube will turn up many videos of vehicles undergoing testing. The results can be impressive. Watching bullets hit an armored windshield, shatter the front layers, but not leave a scratch or crack on the inside layers of the glass can raise many an eyebrow. Of course, don’t try this testing at home.

For the purpose of creating uniform standards across the armored vehicle industry, the US Department of Justice has developed different levels of certification. In section 4.4 of their Technology Assessment Program Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials Report, each certification level is broken down. Although the Inkas 2020 Lincoln Navigator L is rated on the European BR6 certification level, The US equivalent seems to land somewhere between a III and a III-A rating. Always double-check, though. The BR6 rating means this armored SUV can take direct hits from 7.62 mm assault rifle and also provide protection against DM 51 hand grenades. According to Inkas website, the Lincoln, 

“…features state of the art armoring solutions including, 360-degree ballistic protection, premium ballistic glass, upgraded suspension and a siren/PA system to attract attention in the event of an attack on the vehicle.”

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator L

Using the 2020 Lincoln Navigator L as a base is already a good starting point for armoring a vehicle. It already has a tough chassis that is geared to handle a lot of weight. And, as you can see in the video above, Lincoln didn’t skimp on luxury appointments. This model comes with a whole host of safety features and driver-assist features. They are listed as a heads-up display, adaptive cruise control, adaptive LED headlamps, enhanced active park assist, 360-degree lane-keep system, and a pre-collision assist system with automatic braking. But, the finer appointments are also present such as, “approach detection, illuminated running boards, Active Motion front seats, split arm rests, rear seats entertainment system, premium leather seating and a Revel Ultima 20 speaker surround sound system.”

A luxurious panic room on wheels

The two-tone brown/black interior of an armored 2020 Lincoln Navigator L
The interior of an armored 2020 Lincoln Navigator L from Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing | Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

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Overall, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator L is a nice package to begin with. However, the Inkas armoring of the vehicle also means that the SUV is a great retreat for safety, a panic room of sorts, in the event things get dicey. The glaring difference, of course, is that panic rooms aren’t typically mobile. This Lincoln is. That means it is more like a luxurious panic room on wheels.