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We always love seeing the latest whizz-bang concept cars from the GM silver silos. The latest is the Buick Proxima. It’s great, but what does Buick expect to do with it? Sure, it brings attention to the Buick brand, but as the last few years’ worth of GM concepts show, nothing comes from them. As we cover the Proxima, keep a checklist of all its gizmos and designs. They either already exist or will never see production.

Buick says that the Proxima is “developed for internal research.” What could that mean? Because it said that for the 2022 Wildcat concept, and though it was another great concept, it influenced nothing. Despite saying it has already influenced “several models in production,” tell us which ones and show us specific examples.

What does Buick say is the reason for the Proxima?

Buick Proxima concept in studio
Buick Proxima concept | General Motors

First, Buick says the concept “reimagines flagship sedan proportions.” But in reality, it’s a low cigar-like proportion with wide gullwing doors. It has the proportions of a fastback sedan with the engine in front, even though it would be electric. It’s a Tesla Model S with a slight stretch and a shorter hood.

The gullwing doors are touted for hinging farther into the top, allowing easier access to the cabin. Nothing unique here. It also waxes on about a “residential-like experience,” “spaciousness,” and “travel comfort,” says GM Authority. There’s also ambient lighting, a yoke-style steering wheel, and a floating console with a touch-sensitive surface. Again, nothing we haven’t seen going decades back.

Is Buick just not saying what the Proxima features?

Buick Proxima concept in front of office
Buick Proxima concept | General Motors

GM goes on to say there are reasons for this internal research: to “predict, demonstrate, and pulse check design trends and synthesize market-facing insights that may inspire GM’s portfolio over the next five to ten years.” Does the Proxima look like it does that? We don’t think it does.

2022 Buick Wildcat concept in front of building
2022 Buick Wildcat concept | General Motors

Not much else is in the announcement of much significance. So there may be things so top secret that it can’t become public just yet. Proprietary advances and inventions are never spoken of until they pop up in the latest GM new model. So it’s customary to slide over the real meat. But then, why not just hide them in a cobbled mule and test away?

We don’t mean to beat up on GM Design and its engineering advances. If anything, these “blandtastic” concepts may have just run their course. Or maybe they really do need to convey something that matches the superlatives and pomp.

Is the Proxima more flash than substance?

There are still some great concepts today, including Buick’s more recent Wildcat. But without applying its dramatic design to anything it makes, or ever will, makes them just expensive, elaborate dog and pony shows.


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