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When it comes to Bugatti, the first thing that comes to mind is 16-cylinder engines with a host of turbochargers and well over 1,000 horsepower. Top speeds of over 250 miles per hour and price tags well north of a million dollars come to mind, too. What typically doesn’t come to mind is electric power, affordability, and shopping for one at Costco. That’s all changed, though. Now, you can buy Bugatti’s new all-electric vehicle at Costco for around $1,000. There is a catch, though. It only has two wheels.

Bugatti teamed up with Bytech to make its first electric vehicle, and it’s a scooter

According to Autoevolution, Bugatti teamed up with an American electric scooter manufacturer called Bytech to bring this quirky dream to life. The Bugatti scooter first debuted at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company also put out a press release announcing the scooter, but not on its typical Bugatti outlets. Instead, Bugatti Scooters NA came to fruition and has its own dedicated website and social media outlets.

The scooter may seem like a bizarre idea. However, electric scooters are a fantastic mode of affordable personal transportation for those living in urban areas. There are some awesome lightweight e-bikes in the world, but the practicality of a scooter often outweighs the nuances of a bike. The Bugatti scooter is lightweight at only 35 pounds and folds in half for easy storage when not in use.

Additionally, the Bugatti scooter doesn’t quite achieve the same insane top speeds of the Chiron, but it will reach a zesty 18.5 miles per hour. In economy mode, the top speed is limited to nine mph. However, on a full charge, the premier Bugatti electric vehicle is good for a range of 22 miles and can carry a passenger that weighs up to 242 pounds.

Bugatti Logo Wall Art hanging on white wall
Bugatti Emblem | Chesnot/Getty Images

It also has plenty of safety and convenience features that actually make it seem like a pretty sweet ride. It has a bright LED headlight assembly and LED turn signals for night navigation. Additionally, it has a tail light that shines the iconic Bugatti EB emblem on the ground behind it.

The scooter also has a dual braking system that features a lever to control the front brake. Interestingly enough, the rear wheel has ABS to keep from throwing yourself down on a hard stop.

Seemingly, the scooter has sold out

Just a few short days ago, the Bugatti electric scooter was available for purchase on the Costco Wholesale website. However, links to the page where it could be purchased are now dead. It seems that the premise of an affordable Bugatti created a demand that far outweighs the supply!

Hopefully, the scooter makes a comeback. With a price tag of $919.99, it seems like a pretty decent deal. Not just by Bugatti scooter standards, either. That seems like a relatively solid deal for a well-equipped electric scooter overall!

So, if you’re in the market for a compact electric vehicle like a scooter, skateboard, or bike, you might want to consider waiting until the Bugatti 9.0 scooter makes a comeback! Just make sure your Costco membership is up to date!


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